Geeky Valentine Gift Guide: What to Get Your Geeky Valentine

Written by Manager of Editorial Services, Adrienne M. Roehrich

We’re down to the wire. If you have a geeky sweetie you want to give a Valentine’s Day gift to, it isn’t too late. In order to make your shopping a little easier, especially if you want to give something a little less cliche and a little more of a surprise.

Spend your time with your sweetie playing Spiral Knights? Get them that game they’ve been wanting off Steam. Prices vary by game.


From Steam


In  my opinion, you can’t go wrong with chocolates. Of course, I <3 chocolate. If this is the right choice for your sweetie, you will know. Check out these geeky chocolates:

From Sweets So Geek, get Darth Vader, Boba Fett, or Batman. $2.50 each.


ThinkGeek has you covered with a Chocolate Gaming Dice Set ($7.99) or Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate ($7.99).

The Chocolate Vault has some large chocolate bricks if that’s more your sweetie’s style — five pieces for $8.25.

And if your sweetie REALLY loves chocolate, you can get a necklace of the chocolate molecule ($8) or a pillow ($32) of it, so they can enjoy it and show their love for it all the time.


From BioArrays on Etsy


From YellowBugBoutique on Etsy

Instead of the traditional flowers, get your sweetie “Princess Leia” Iris or “Star Wars” Magnolia. Check with a local florist for these.

For those in the local Seattle area, a special opportunity exists: Singing Puppet-Grams. “Because sometimes love is a little silly.” Your sweetie will get a visit from Dr. Lennie, Doctor of Puppetology and Love, (and puppeteer escort) and be serenaded. You get to include a special message and they receive a valentine as a momento. $90 or $115.


Naturally, you could always pick up a pass to GeekGirlCon ’14 for the apple of your eye as well! What better way to demonstrate a love of all things nerdy?

However you choose to express love for your geeky sweetie, we hope you have a blast!  Happy Valentine’s Day from GeekGirlCon!

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