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As someone with not one but two fancy-sounding job titles and lots of Important Responsibilities, I am of course a totally dignified adult human person and in no way susceptible to adorable things looking at me all cute-like.

Haha, just kidding! I live with an entire menagerie of plush animals, each with their own personality and quirks. I keep photos of them on my phone like other people have pics of their children. For the most venerable of my plushy pals, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle who lives with my brother in England, I hand-sewed a steampunk vest complete with tiny functioning pocket-watch. Cute is my achilles heel.

I know a lot of GeekGirlCon’s dedicated following feel the same way, so here I am with a preview of some of the squee-sellers–the snuggle merchants, the captains of cute–who will be featured in the Exhibitor Hall at GeekGirlCon ‘15!

Severed heads aren’t usually the first cute things that spring to mind, but when they’re adorably fluffy Yeti heads from Careful It Bites, that’s a different story. Not to mention their dust bunnies, catballs, and other curious creatures.

carefulitbites1 careful it bites3 careful it bites2


If you’re feeling cubist, pick up a pony at Cute Kick. They’re right-angled rather than acute, but you’ll want to snuggle them all the same. Or, to go off on a tangent, try a jellyfish (this one doesn’t sting)–or get in on the cute action yourself as a rainbow bunny or a space bat.

cute kick1 cute kick2 cute kick3


Hey, look! It’s Nice Rice. Do you want to get a snowman? It doesn’t have to be a snowman; it could be a rice ball… or a plush uterus. Surprisingly snuggly!

nice rice1 nice rice2 nice rice3


The creatures of the deep have never been so lovable as at Inki-Drop. Whether it’s a puntastic crab-apple, a toxic squid, or a high-quality print of a turtle sundae, take flippers because you’ll be swimming in sweetness.

inki-drop1 inki-drop2 inki-drop3


If you’ve ever daydreamed about becoming the Mother (or Father, or non-gender-specific Parent) of Dragons, keep a lookout for the Skydragons. Whether Steven Universe- or Pacific Rim-themed, they’re roaring out for your love.

skydragons1 skydragons2 skydragons3


Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try your hoof, or claw, at sewing your own plushies. Plush Pattern Shop has a whole zoo’s worth of animals from the frog to the sloth to (oh help, they’ve found my weakness!) the majestic-yet-ridiculous giraffe.

plush pattern shop1 plush pattern shop2 plush pattern shop3


Less cuddly, and more mysterious, are the Seedlings–hand-sculpted one-of-a-kind sprites that sprung from the brain of artist Lyla Warren and spend as much time frolicking in forests as at conventions.

lyla warren1 lyla warren2 lyla warren3


Where would we be without cute apparel? Clothe yourself in fleece and blend into your plushie pile like you were ET, with PingiHats’ bunnies, bats, foxes, and more. There are even bags to match!

pingihats1 pingihats2 pingihats3


Finally, for those who like a macabre frosting on their cutesy cake, Dead Pastel (tagline: Creepy. Cute. Dead.) brings you t-shirts in sizes up to 6X in their signature pastel skull aesthetic.

dead pastel1 dead pastel2 dead pastel3

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