GiveBIG Tomorrow!

Just a little reminder from us to y’all that GiveBIG starts tomorrow, and GeekGirlCon needs your support as much as ever.

GeekGirlCon works all year to create physical and virtual spaces for us to come together and honor the contributions of everyone who’s been under-invited in traditional geek culture, and we have no intention of slowing down.

Whether you’re able to give a little or a lot or you have a minute to share this post with your network, we’re so grateful to have you here in our community.

[Image Description: A cosplayer standers with one hand in the air while performing. Their skin is painted purple, and they’re wearing a blue wig. They have a GeekGirlCon badge around their neck.] Source: GeekGirlCon

Check our GiveBIG page for more information about our mission and how to donate. Thank you so much for your support!

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Teal Christensen
“Rock On!”

Teal Christensen

Teal is a recently-graduated English literature student with more unfinalized future plans than favorite songs from Hamilton. Her main hobbies are reading books, thinking about books, and talking about books.

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