Guest Blogging for GeekGirlCon

We are always looking for awesome geeky blog posts for the GeekGirlCon blog. You could be our next guest blogger!

GeekGirlCon is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the contribution of women in all aspects of geek culture. Connect with GeekGirlCon through social media (Twitter and Facebook) and meet other geeks at events and our annual convention. GeekGirlCon ‘14 is October 11 and 12, 2014.

GeekGirlCon’s audience is mainly composed of geeky girls and women. Here’s a short list of the most frequently used keywords that they would look at:
* Geek Girl/GeekGirls        * Conventions        *Sci-Fi        *Geeky Parenting
* Cosplay                            * Geek Culture       *Crafts        * Books
* Gaming                            * Fantasy                 *Nerds        *Anime/Manga

1. Length: Posts should be 600 to 2000 words and stick to one topic or idea.

library girl

Image courtesy of Creative Commons License

2. Title: The post title should be under 60 characters and contain the person or concept featured in the post to help grab readers’ attention. While quirky titles are fun, a straightforward title containing a target keyword can often be more effective than a catchy title.

Please use the following at the top of your post:

Title: Blah Blah Women or Something with proper case 😉

by Your Name, Where People Know You From

3. Beginning: Clearly state your main point at the beginning of your post and include supporting information in subsequent paragraphs.

4. Tone: Posts should be written for a wide audience and steer clear of jargon or technical language. Use conversational language and explain things clearly by providing background information on a subject and by using specific examples to illustrate a point.

5. Show, Don’t Tell: What does this mean? “Showing” allows the reader to follow you into the moment—to see and feel and experience what you have.

6. Keep Their Attention: People rarely read pages word-by-word. Generally, readers scan a page, picking out individual words and sentences. To help readers find the most important points in your blog, use the following tools:

  • Highlighted keywords

  • Sub-headlines

  • Bolded words

  • Bulleted lists

  • Short paragraphs and short sentences

  • One idea per paragraph

7. Link, Link, Link! A strong blog post includes links to other sites and blogs.

8. Multimedia is Good: Whenever possible, incorporate multimedia features, including embedded videos, images, and infographics. The goal is to have at least one visual element per blog post. The shorter the video, the more likely people will watch it from start to finish. We have a strict no-stealing policy, so only legally free-to-share images are acceptable. Please cite all multimedia sources.

9. Closing: Encourage reader interaction by providing a clear call to action, such as asking readers to sign an online pledge, post their thoughts in the comments section, or share the piece with their networks on Twitter or Facebook.

10. Search Engine Optimization: Ensure your post is optimized for search engines through these steps:

  • Identify your target keyword for each post by thinking about what phrase people would use to search for this topic.

  • Use a target keyword in your first paragraph and two to three more times in the post.

  • Instead of writing something like “Learn more” for hyperlinked text, use more descriptive language related to the target keywords.

We encourage creativity when writing for GeekGirlCon, and we also require that all posts be in alignment with our mission statement. We have final say on what gets released on behalf of the organization and reserve the right to edit, reject, and ask for revisions on all posts and ideas.

orange sweater girl

Image Courtesy of Creative Commons License

If you have any questions, please contact:
Adrienne Roehrich
Manager of Editorial Services

Thanks and happy writing!

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Adrienne Roehrich
“Rock On!”

Adrienne Roehrich

Former GeekGirlCon Manager of Editorial Services, current Guest Contributor.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Neat! I’m sharing this with a group of craft bloggers that have been working on CraftingCon lately – Hopefully one of them takes you up!

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