How to find a tabletop group in Seattle

A game played at GeekGirlCon’s board game night at Wayward Cafe, held the second and fourth Friday of every month.

Looking to expand your Dungeons and Dragons nights? Moved to Seattle and trying to find a gathering? New to tabletops and looking for direction?

For any reason, finding a tabletop role-playing group is exciting, but it can also be daunting. So, the GeekGirlCon gaming team has narrowed down some safe spaces that you can roll into and try out in the Seattle area.

Join GeekGirlCon at for our bi-monthly board gaming event

On the second and fourth Friday evening of each month, members of GeekGirlCon descend on Wayward Coffeehouse in Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood for a game night.

[It’s always free – and there’s parking and public transit options, too! Find out about times on our Meetup page here, where you can RSVP.]

Our group is inclusive and totally newbie-friendly. We play a wide range of modern board and card games as well as some classics. You might find Codenames, Love Letter, Splendor, King of Tokyo, Völuspá, slash, Alien Frontiers, Locke & Key, Coup, Tokaido, Superfight, The Resistance, Colt Express, Skull and Roses, Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, Toc Toc Woodman, FLUXX, and many more!

“Our group of regulars is so welcoming and kind; I often wish I could shed my hosting duties and join in. But rest assured, this is a curated event. No one need ever fear being left out or overlooked. Whether you drop in every month or just a couple times a year, our safe space awaits,” said GeekGirlCon Gaming Event Coordinator Andy Munich.

A group gathers for GeekGirlCon Board Game night at Wayward Cafe.

And don’t forget to mark your calendar’s for GeekGirlCon’s convention weekend in downtown Seattle (from Sept. 30 to Oct. 1). Our gaming floor is a great place to meet people through RPGs, tournaments, and workshops. Learn about GeekGirlCon passes here.

Go to Board Game Night at Mox Boarding House

Every Tuesday night, Mox Boarding House in Bellevue has staff-on hand to introduce you to new games or help you find new games that fit your style.

It’s a great opportunity to meet other people in the gaming community in Bellevue, as staff members can help pair you with people to play with. Play is open, but you can also pre-register. Click here for more.

Mox, a welcoming space for all, has private rooms for playing with your group, in addition to public tables. Learn more about Mox’s spaces in Ballard and Bellevue in the video below.

Try Outsider Comics in Fremont

Outside Comics in Fremont is a women- and LGBTQ-friendly space that promotes diverse points-of-view in art and conversations.

They hold an open and free game night every other Thursday. You can check out their event calendar here.

Currently, Outsider Comics runs board and card games, and every alternating Thursday they have an RPG campaign. Below is a look at some of their tables!

We hope this post inspired you to fill out your character sheet or get your deck ready! A good tip: Try to go to more than one game with a group to get a good feel and dynamic of the table, but it’s always OK to leave if you’re not enjoying the setting.

What would you like to learn about in the gaming world? Email us here and we may pick it up for a blog post. Check out our last blog post from our gaming team here.

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  1. […] What would you like to learn about in the gaming world? Email us here and we may pick it up for a blog post. Check out our June blog post from our gaming team here. […]

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