How to Prepare for GeekGirlCon ’16


There’s a lot to do to prepare for a con, from buying passes to making sure you have comfortable shoes. One thing you can check off your list now is getting all that information together, because I’ve got your back!



If you’re going to stay the night for GeekGirlCon, make sure to get our con-exclusive deals at Hotel Max or the Inn at the Washington Athletic Club. Rates are as low as $169 a night, which in downtown Seattle is quite a deal! Get more information on hotels for GeekGirlCon ‘16.


Who doesn’t love some shopping in the middle of a con? GeekGirlCon’s got an extra-large exhibitor hall this year, thanks to our expansion, so bring those wallets and shopping bags ready for some ultra-cool swag. Check out the list of exhibitors, so you can plan your strategy.


Panels are a con’s heart and soul, and at GeekGirlCon ‘16 our heart and soul is even bigger, better, and larger than any other year in the past. We’ve already highlighted panels about science and fandom fun, and keep your eyes peeled for more panel spotlights coming up. Our panelists are even more creative and dedicated this year, which means a wider selection of topics, so there’s sure to be something to catch your eye.


Some great attendees getting their science on at GeekGirlCon '15. Source: GeekGirlCon flickr.

Some great attendees getting their science on at GeekGirlCon ’15. Source: GeekGirlCon flickr.

DIY Science Zone

No other con has anything like GeekGirlCon’s DIY Science Zone, which brings scientists and science educators together with hands-on science activities and true-blue excitement about everything scientific. The DIY Science Zone is just starting its annual fundraiser to make sure all the necessary supplies can be bought for the con, so think about donating and helping out behind the scenes.


GeekGirlCon is dedicated to helping women become who they want to be, no matter what that is. One way we do that is by hosting GeekGirlConnections each year, which is a section in the con that’s dedicated to helping con-goers network with local businesses and organizations. This is a great way to get your name and even your resume out there, at a woman-friendly event, so you know the organizations you’re connecting with share similar values with you and GeekGirlCon.


Buying passes is maybe the most important con-related task you have before the con itself. So far, they’re available exclusively through GeekGirlCon’s website. Prices have already gone up once, and as the con gets closer we can’t guarantee that won’t happen again.

Passes for GeekGirlCon are going quick, and the last three years we’ve sold out before opening our doors Saturday morning. Don’t delay: buy yours today.

Kids, aged 0 to 5 Free with an adult
Kids, aged 6 to 12 $10 for the weekend
Adults $30 for one day
Adults $45 for the weekend

We want to see you there, so make sure to make time and get those passes.

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