Introducing Fan Meetups: Make a New Friend–or Fifty!

GeekGirlCon ‘16 can’t stop and won’t stop with the extra surprises and events for you, our favorite attendees. This time, we’re rolling out everyone’s favorite way to connect at a con: Fan Meetups!

For specific, glorious hours throughout the con, fans of different series, movies, books, and more can now easily meet other aficionados, hang out, and make some new friends. Fan meetups are con-organized events that are specifically organized to help you meet other people who are just like you. Go ahead and meetup!

Betcha they’re at the anime meetup. [Image source: GeekGirlCon flickr.]

Betcha they’re at the anime meetup. [Image source: GeekGirlCon flickr.]

Get ready to debate Burr versus Hamilton, whether the Star Wars prequels should be canon or not, which anime series to check out next, and how fantastic Moana is going to be. There’s even a meetup for first-time con goers who want to find a good place to start! The following meetups will be scheduled throughout the weekend, so fit in as many as you can:

  • Anime Fan Meetup
  • DC Comics Fan Meetup
  • Doctor Who Fan Meetup
  • EC Comics Fan Meetup
  • Disney Fan Meetup
  • First-Time Fan Meetup
  • Hamilton Fan Meetup
  • Harry Potter Fan Meetup
  • Marvel Fan Meetup
  • Star Trek Fan Meetup
  • Star Wars Fan Meetup
  • Whedonverse Fan Meetup

Can we have a fan meetup to talk about how great meetups are? You in? See you there.

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4 responses to “Introducing Fan Meetups: Make a New Friend–or Fifty!”

  1. fluffy says:

    Ooh, is it too late to propose other fandom meetups? Undertale and Steven Universe would both be pretty great 🙂

    • Liane Behrens says:

      Oh, what wonderful ideas! Unfortunately, the official meetups are set. But maybe you could try to organize your own! Those can definitely be put on the list for next year.

  2. Amanda Mitchell says:

    Next year a Whedon meetup would not go amiss.

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