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LGBTQIA+ Staff Round-Up for Pride: Queer Media We Love

We’re currently living through one of the weirdest and darkest and most stressful times most of us have ever experienced–you don’t need me to tell you that. Something I’ve been thinking about a lot is how much we need to continue fostering our communities if we’re going to survive with our mental health and relationships and sense of hope intact. Thinking about good queer media, and sharing it with y’all, is only one tiny part of that work, but it’s a part I can do today, just in time to honor the end of Pride. Read on to hear what some of our LGBTQIA+ GeekGirlCon staffers love about their favorite queer media, take care of yourselves and each other, and then let’s get back to showing up for Black lives and queer liberation.

Look at this beautiful piece Tina Burns, our Twitter Social Media Specialist, made earlier this month! [Image Description: Watercolor Pride flag with the word “Love” written in cursive on it.] Source: Tina Burns

Kristine Hassell, Director of Panel Programming + Outreach | @GermanCityGirl on all the socials

My go-to media: Schitt’s Creek. I love all of the characters and their journey. I teared up several times while watching the show and especially loved David’s wine label speech. I also love his relationship, which I’m purposely leaving vague in case you haven’t seen the show (Get on that!). Special mention to Brooklyn 99 for Rosa and Ray. 

Emily Mozzone, Marketing Designer | @emilymozzone on Instagram

My go-to are independently published works of writing. I love discovering new local artists, poets, and authors at the annual Short Run Comix and Arts Festival. A particular favorite zine of mine is the Papeachu Review, a collection of female and nonbinary voices.

Marina Martinez, Panel Program Manager | @fictionality on Twitter

Vida!! I love the show’s messy characters, the exploration of identity and all of its intersections, the celebration of Latinx culture, and the music! I especially love how the show depicts the complexities of queerness in the character of Emma, and I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout-out to her dreamy love interest, Nico.

Um! This is Vida fan art made by our one and only Marina Martinez! [Image Description: Black and white drawing of Emma and Nico from Vida. Emma’s head is resting on Nico’s knee.] Source: Marina Martinez

Emily Karrmarshall, Cosplay Contest Coordinator | @GreenTeaAfter12 on Twitter, @GreenTeaAfterMidnight on Instagram, @GreenTeaAfter12AM on Tumblr

My current favorite is the video game Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. You play as a single father who moves to a new neighborhood, and there are seven different dads you can date. I love all the characters (especially Amanda, your daughter in the game). The writing is hilarious (if you love a good “dad joke,” you’re in for a treat!), and there are plenty of sincere, heartfelt moments too. I come back to it partly to try out all the different endings, and also because it’s just so wholesome!

JC Lau, Campaign Manager | @drjclau on Twitter

I absolutely love the She-Ra reboot. I am old enough to remember the original She-Ra series and have a niece I can’t wait to share this reimagining of the show with when she’s older. I love that none of the main characters are obviously coded hetereosexual and have rich, evolving relationships with each other. Imagine a world where the norm wasn’t straight! The show also covers a variety of themes such as friendship, bravery, taking responsibility, and empowerment, has thoughtful representation and casting, and a host of memorable characters. 

Also, I have a community of geeky LGBTQIA* friends who adore this show so much that we’re planning to do a group cosplay for the next convention we all can attend.

Hanna Hupp, Copywriter | @hupptwothree on Twitter

Here are just a few pieces of queer media that have been getting me through the past couple of months:

  • Heartstopper by Alice Oseman (ongoing webcomic series!)–the cutest, tenderest cinnamon roll of a webcomic! A story of first love that shines in its portrayal of the small moments that make up a relationship. Woven throughout the swoon is a thoughtful depiction of mental illness and an exploration of healthy support systems. 
  • One Day at a Time (TV show)–the show I put on when I want to feel wrapped up in warm and cozy sitcom-y goodness. Come for the adorable family dynamics and Rita Moreno as the coolest grandmother alive, stay for the multifaceted and sweet queer rep!
  • Feel Good (TV show)–a heartbreaking yet hopeful 6-episode series that charts the relationship between Mae, an out gay Canadian comedian living in England, and George, a teacher who is questioning her sexuality. It’s a hilarious, warm, complicated, and true depiction of love, sexuality, friendship, family, and addiction.

Teal Christensen, Assistant Manager of Editorial Services | @TealChristensen on Twitter and Instagram

I just wanted to add that Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston is literally my favorite thing to have happened on this planet! I will (and do!) recommend book to anyone at any time, but I’ll add that if you’re looking for a real queering of the romance genre, coming-out-as-a-twenty-something themes, good bi representation, and/or a really thoughtful AND hopeful antidote to the political hellscape we’re in, this book is especially for you.

Teal Christensen
“Rock On!”

Teal Christensen

Teal is a recently-graduated English literature student with more unfinalized future plans than favorite songs from Hamilton. Her main hobbies are reading books, thinking about books, and talking about books.

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