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Looking for a Bit of Shiny…

I was at PAX a couple of weekends back, and I briefly walked the floor. Now, I know it’s a gaming convention, so I expected to find games of all kinds, which I did. I saw some comics, some books, some artwork…and then I got the heck out of there. I’m not a gamer, and the lack of light on the main show floor (other than flashing video games and monitors) was very disconcerting to me. I figured it out pretty quickly: PAX really IS pretty much about games.

Then again, Emerald City Comicon has a lot more than comics, but I didn’t have any money earlier this year…so I sort of hoped I’d find some shiny bits to carry away with me at PAX. After I paid for them, of course. While I am attracted to shiny things, I am not the kind of crow who lines her nest with STOLEN bits of shiny!

So now, more than ever, I am looking forward to walking the Exhibitor Floor at GeekGirlCon ‘15–money in hand!–to find some bits of shiny. I think I’ll start with earrings:


Angelwear Creations will have my first fix, I believe. These spaceship earrings are made of silver and anodized niobium; they’re the first thing that came up on the website, and I have fallen in love. So shiny, so geeky, so awesome…

Anyone who knows me understands that I have a bit of a thing for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while I am kind of in love with Captain America, I haven’t really found a shiny Cap bit to wear yet.** However, I can support the women in my fandom with this creepy crawler from ChristyBows:

widow ID reel

I know, it’s not official bling, but it’s handmade awesome bling that I can wear on my belt at work, attach my work door ID to, and creep out my coworkers just a little bit. Definitely worth my money!

Need a new necklace now, since my ears and belt are adorned.

Oh. My. Thor:


This one harkens back to my love of all things Star Trek; GeekStarCostuming better have at least one of these shiny bat’leth pendants left when I get there. Then again, if they sell out before I reach the booth, it wasn’t meant to be. And good for them!

Necklace, earrings, belt. Check.

My desk at work is awfully bare; a couple of Doctor Who things, a small flip calendar of Cosmos…kind of boring.

NOT ANYMORE, thanks to LittleCLUUs:

pumpkin dragon

I stopped using phrases like, “It’s so cute, I could just DIE!” back in high school (I think…), but I think this adorable Copper Pumpkin Dragon has compelled that phrase right back into my head. Seriously. Couldn’t you just DIE of the CUTE??

Now, I know this next one isn’t technically shiny. Most cotton fabric isn’t terribly reflective, so it’s not the actual dictionary definition of shiny. However, it IS the Kaylee Frye definition of shiny:

kitty wallet

Nancy Matsudaira will probably agree with Kaylee’s definition, too.

I just found tomorrow’s earrings as well at Optimystical Studios:

clone club

Clone Club earrings from Orphan Black, anyone?

And then tomorrow’s Pluto image pendant is ready to go as well, also thanks to Optimystical Studios:

pluto charm

There’s science, there’s fandom, there’s art…it’s all there.

And finally there’s this, which is tiny, shiny, and the coolest–from Pixelosis:


Doctor Who was the first fandom I remember, starting with Tom Baker, Doctor #4. Anything to do with Doctor Who and I’m almost guaranteed to WANT IT.

I am in some serious, shiny bits of trouble here. When you see me at GeekGirlCon ‘15, don’t be surprised if my bag is full and my new kitty wallet is empty. I will, however, be extremely happy with everything I take away to line my nest.

What bits of shiny are YOU looking to acquire?


**FYI…the shiniest Captain America thing I can think of is a Cap shield tattoo, which I will be getting as an Act of Whimsy when the DIY Science Zone hits their $5000 fundraising mark. Contribute there, help the Zone to get to GeekGirlCon ’15, and see my shiny new tattoo!

All photos in this article were used from the creators’ websites.

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2 responses to “Looking for a Bit of Shiny…”

  1. Paralethal says:

    Actually there’s plenty of Shiny at PAX as well. But it sounds like you got in, hit the main show floor, and got out. If you didn’t check out anything else – you missed out. I didn’t personally pick any up this year, but there was stuff to be had that wasn’t necessarily game related.

    • Sarah Grant says:

      I was there on Friday to help with opening and fetching things for the GeekGirlCon table in the Diversity Lounge, and then later I actually tabled. I pretty much wandered aimlessly through the main show floor, had the “I kinda need to get out of here” reaction, went down through the conference center (which I know really well, because GeekGirlCon is in there), and ended up playing my first game of Magic The Gathering. And winning. 🙂

      As it turns out, I have some anxiety in crowds…and it was well-demonstrated that day. :-/ I was totally fine behind the table later that day, but the free-flowing people in the dark kinda freaked me out. I’ll either get over it, or I won’t. Either way, it’s a good thing to know about myself.


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