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On Friday morning, we posted a brief letter explaining our thoughts on the current political air. As we face a difficult period, we wanted to remind our GeekGirlCon community that we are here to support and foster diversity, representation, and equality.

At the end of that message, we asked you to share your thoughts on the current situation, but in an encouraging and optimistic light: what are you doing to contribute and help? Which women are inspiring you today? What media (television shows, movies, books, music) have you been turning to for additional motivation and comfort, and what media is doing a stellar job at representing diversity?

Here are some of the answers that we’ve been receiving on social media:


The creative community has also been buzzing with support. Artists, like Syd Weiler, are utilizing their streaming platforms to help raise money for charity! Syd has been drawing smiling faces live on her Twitch channel to help support ACLU and Planned Parenthood. The Fullbright Company also made their amazing game, Gone Home, free for one weekend to spread a little bit more love and hope for those that needed it:


Messages of love, support, and encouragement have been filling our feeds this past week, so we also wanted to share a few additional posts that motivate us:


Make sure to follow us on Twitter to learn about more ways you can stay involved. Our team works year-round to share and curate inspirational stories about women from around the world, and they are doing some amazing things. Our team of copywriters, like myself, will also be actively producing content for the GeekGirlCon blog every week, writing about mission-relevant subjects to keep you inspired.


Make sure to practice some self-care, and let’s keep moving forward!

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