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Meet GeekGirlCon ’18 Merch Artist Cassie Kelly

Each year, we recruit an artist who shares our values to work on our con-specific merch. This year, that artist is Cassie Kelly. Cassie is ridiculously talented, and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store for GeekGirlCon ‘18. In celebration of the big reveal, I asked Cassie a few questions about everything from process to faves.

If you’re interested in checking out more of Cassie’s work, I have the Instagram and web store for you!

Favorite place to work (on your art)?

Currently, my front porch.

Favorite thing to listen to while working?

While sketching and coming up with composition, I’ll listen to music—something that thematically correlates with what I’m drawing. While finishing a piece or coloring,  I’ll listen to an audiobook or podcasts about interdimensional Bigfoot.

Favorite contemporary artist(s) on the scene today?

OOO boy. There are too many incredible artists working today. Without looking at my Instagram feed…Pam Wishbow, Shaun Beaudry, gaw.ki, Liam Wong, Amy Abshier, Angela Owens, Nick Sheehy, Ben Passmore, Erica Henderson…so many more I’m forgetting.

Favorite snack to power your artistic process?

A glass bottled Coke. Anytime.

Favorite medium to work with?

I work mostly with micron pens lately, but mixed media is when I have the most fun.

Source of inspiration? Today or generally, whichever is more applicable.

Everything and anything. There are times in the past I could pinpoint a time period or genre as my inspiration, but the truth is I’ve absorbed so many ideas from all over—like 1900s storybooks, Russian folk art, 80s anime, 70s horror, David Lynch, German expressionism—that it’s too hard to say one thing. I think before I was trying too hard to make my artwork’s influence either obvious OR obscure, and now I’m just working from my weird brain soup of inspiration.

Favorite place on the internet?

I’m usually found in a dark corner on Instagram.

Favorite con you’ve attended?

I love the chaotic weirdness of DragonCon. It’s so different from any other convention. Interesting smells there, too.

Any non-art hobbies to report?

Parrots, video games, and lifting heavy weights.

What are you geeking out about right now?

Part of our superpowers as geeks is our ability to OBSESS. I had to make some changes for the sake of my health, and so my newest, biggest geek-out is fitness and nutrition. Becoming a geek about health really helped me focus and turn my life around.

Also, Star Trek always.


And, finally, a sneak peak of the designs for you!


[Image Description: An illustration of two femmes holding a black cauldron. One is wearing a witch hat; one has big white hair. In the cauldron is red liquid, a die, a skull, and a gaming controller. Out of the cauldron smoke rises the word, GeekGirlCon.] Source: GeekGirlCon

[Image Description: An illustration of a femme with blue skin and pink hair holds a spray can and is painting the word, “GeekGirlCon.” They’re wearing jeans, a white crop top, headphones, and blowing bubble gum.] Source: GeekGirlCon

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Teal Christensen

Teal is a recently-graduated English literature student with more unfinalized future plans than favorite songs from Hamilton. Her main hobbies are reading books, thinking about books, and talking about books.

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