Meet (Some!) of the GeekGirlCon ’19 Featured Contributors

As y’all know, GeekGirlCon hosts an array of presenters from across fields and fandoms each year. They bring us everything from gaming demonstrations to DIY science to workshops to panels. Among them, we have our Feature Contributors, folks who are new to the con and will be heading some of the biggest and coolest programming of the weekend. 

In our first round of announcements, we’ll be focusing on those Featured Contributors whose work falls broadly into the categories of Gaming and Entertainment. 

As we get deeper into con prep, we’ll be announcing more Featured Contributors and adding Q&As with them as a part of our Share Your World series. 

Tanya DePass

[Image Description: Headshot of Tanya. She’s looking into the camera, and her expression is serious. Her hair is dyed purple at the ends].

First up, Tanya DePass! Tanya is the founder and Director of I Need Diverse Games, a non-profit organization based in Chicago dedicated to better diversification of all aspects of gaming. Our Q&A with Tanya is up already, so definitely check that out here!

Paula Burrows

[Image Description: Headshot of Paula. She’s looking at the camera and smiling. She’s wearing a teal top, and her right hand is in her hair.]

In terms of Entertainment, we have Paula Burrows, who voices Rayla in The Dragon Prince. Paula is a Scottish-born, Canadian-raised actress based in Vancouver, B.C.

The Doubleclicks

[Image Description: Professional photo of Laser and Aubrey. They’re dressed similarly in black formal wear, and they’re both wearing glasses. They’re facing forward but looking towards each other.]

We’ll also have The Doubleclicks, a folk-pop music duo made up of siblings Laser and Aubrey. They perform songs that are geeky, snarky, sweet, and uplifting on their cello, ukulele, and meowing cat keyboard. 


[Image Description: Headshot of SassyBlack. She’s looking right at the camera with a serious expression. Her hands are on her shoulders. She’s wearing a bronze crop top, a gold necklace, and long gold earrings. The background is red fabric.]

Finally (for this round of announcements), we’re thrilled to be hosting SassyBlack, a multifaceted creative force with a focus in the performing and literary arts. Hailing from Seattle, this goddess of “electronic psychedelic soul” and “hologram funk” explores sound through deep compositions.

Stay tuned on the blog and our social accounts as we continue to announce the rest of our Featured Contributors! 95 days and counting!

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