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Meetups at GeekGirlCon ’19

GGC19 is less than a week away, and we have a bunch of meetups planned throughout the weekend, so you can geek out with people who get it. Curious about what’s in store? Here’s the complete list:

Glimmer, Adora & Bow from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power hugging on a transparent background. They are wearing their usual outfits. Source: Giphy

Curious about what’s in store? Here’s the complete list:


  • Crafters Meetup
  • Stranger Things Meetup
  • Meet a Game Industry Pro (featuring professionals from Blizzard Entertainment, Xbox, and more!)
  • Meet & Geek: A Networking Event for Mavens-in-the-Making (bring your questions for mentors in careers including writing, game design, digital media, and comic book art!)
  • Marvel + DC Mashup Meetup
  • Podcast/My Favorite Murder Meetup
  • Doctor Who Meetup


  • Deaf Culture Meetup (for our Deaf community members and others who use sign language as their primary communication, but also open to signers of all skill levels.)
  • Harry Potter Meetup
  • LGBTQ+ Meetup
  • Women of Color Meetup
  • Anime Meetup

Want to know the exact times and locations of each meetup? Check out our Guidebook for all the info.

We’ll see you in just a few days!

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