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Merch Reveal and Q&A with Artist Tatyana Vogt

As a lot of you might know, GeekGirlCon has this really excellent practice of hiring an artist every year to design our year-specific merch. This year, that artist is Tatyana Vogt, whose art is so beautiful I’ve literally teared up over it. We are all in for such a treat with this year’s stuff, so read on for some of that good good design reveal and a little Q&A with the artist herself! Then, get your passes, check out our full programming schedule, and get yourself organized with the Guidebook app. Three days and counting!

Tell us a little about your story. Where are you from? Have you always been an artist?

Sure! So I was born and raised in California. I’ve drawn off and on my whole life, not realizing that it was something that could be a job until my later years of high school. I went to an art college where I worked part-time to help pay the bills and spent the little bit of free time I had working on becoming a better artist.

[Image Description: Tatyana poses for a headshot holding a light gray cat. She’s looking at the camera and smiling. Her hair is bright pink with some purple underneath. She’s wearing glasses and a muted red lip color.] Source: Tatyana Vogt

Dream job?

I’m lucky enough to work in the art world as a content producer at a mobile gaming company, but the ultimate goal is to someday work full-time for myself.


I’m a ball-jointed doll collector and really enjoy making tiny clothes for my dolls. I’ve recently gotten into backpacking and saw a bear on my first hike. Yay! And karaoke is my jam, although I unfortunately can’t really sing lol.

What do you wish you had more time for?

Personal projects, my own art and ideas, making cooler videos, and traveling. I’d love to travel a bit.

What are your fandoms?

The Adventure Zone, Doctor Who, Firefly, Animal Crossing, Hamilton, Batman, Harry Potter, and more that I can’t think of at the moment.

Have you joined any new ones recently?

Not really, I’ve been focusing on building my YouTube channel and growing my side business, so I haven’t had much time to watch new things. I’ve got a LONG list of things I need to check out.

Which stories/characters were important to you growing up? 

Growing up I was really into Fruits Basket and loved Tohru because she was such a good person at heart, and I really admired her even though she was super ditzy.

Hogwarts house?


One of Tatyana’s designs for GeekGirlCon ‘19! Pure! Perfection! [Image Description: Illustration of a femme holding a handheld game console. They have big teal-colored hair with geeky designs decorating it. They’re wearing a yellow crop top and have coordinating geeky tattoos on their left upper arm.]

How do you geek out professionally?

On occasion, I get to play games as research for my team, which is always fun. I also have a long standing D&D work group who I’ve been playing with for years now… I think it’s been five years at this point.

How do you geek out in your spare time?

Sometimes when I’m working I can listen to geeky podcasts, audiobooks, or catch up on some of my favorite shows.

Favorite con you’ve attended?

I don’t think I have a favorite. I’ve gone to some pretty awesome conventions, but I’m usually working a table so there isn’t much I can see.

 And another!! [Image Description: Illustration of a femme with big curly red hair. They’re leaning their head on their hand and looking wistfully into the distance. They’re holding a quill!]

Favorite place to work on your art?

I’ve set up a work area in my room that I really enjoy using and it usually gets me in the mood to create. But also, let’s be honest, drawing in bed can be pretty nice too.

Favorite thing to listen to while working?


Favorite contemporary artist(s) on the scene today?

There are too many to list them all, but a few would include Katnipp illustration, Victoria Gedvillas, Audra Auclair, Dina Norlund, and soooo many more.

Favorite historical artist(s)?

I actually don’t have one. I’ve always gravitated towards young living artists. I was a huge fan of Loish when I was younger. I do enjoy classical art, but I’ve just never picked a favorite one.

Favorite medium(s)?

Currently watercolor, and I’m getting into gouache as well.

AND ANOTHER! [Image Description: Illustration of a femme with a teal-colored undercut and bangs, thigh-high black socks, shorts, and a crop top with a cat on it. They have one hand in a fist and one open and raised].

Source of inspiration? Today or generally, whichever is more applicable. 

Music, people, other artists, nature, food. Lol. It’s hard to pinpoint.

Have any works-in-progress you’re especially excited about?

I’m working on themed monthly collections that I can use for goodie box subscriptions over on Patreon. I’m SUPER excited about it because I enjoy creating products from my art.

Care to tell us more about the portrait study challenge you’re doing right now? For us non-artists, what’s meaningful about this kind of practice?

So I’m doing a 365 days of art challenge in 2019 where I do 365 drawing this year. Because of that, I’ve been coming up with, and simply participating in, different challenges to help keep up. The portrait study challenge was mainly a way for me to draw different faces and improve my skills in that area. As an artist, it’s easy to get comfortable drawing the same thing over and over, which can make it hard to grow. Taking the time to practice your skills makes it easier to draw different things out of your comfort zone.

Anything in particular to share about your YouTube channel?  

Yes, it’s awesome, and you should come check it out! Lol. Look up Tatyana Vogt Art on YouTube, and you’ll get access to regular drawing videos, behind the scenes studio vlogs, and the occasional tips and tricks. (I also have a BJD channel called Midnight Whimsy BJDs.)

Where else can folks find you online?


@TatyanaVogtArt on Instagram and Twitter

After seeing her designs and learning more about Tatyana, I personally don’t know whether I’m more excited for the programming or the merch at GeekGirlCon ‘19. Suffice it to say that I know what I’ll be living in for the next twelve months.

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