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Learn the ins and outs of cosplay. [Image Source: GeekGirlCon Flickr]

In just one month, GeekGirlCon ‘16 will be under way, and the numberof things I’m excited about just keeps growing. The list of exhibitors, panel highlights, and our DIY Science Zone fundraiser have me counting down the days until October. Even so, there’s one topic that gets me excited for con like no other: cosplay.

Awesomely elaborate or elegantly simple, cosplay is an excellent way to express your creativity and fandom. I’m always thrilled to see my favorite characters come to life through the imagination of fellow fans. And yet, I’ve never tried my hand at this cool activity.

Stepping into the world of cosplay can be a little daunting. What character do you choose? How do you find the right materials to make the perfect costume? If you’ve decided you want to step into the magical world of cosplay but aren’t sure where to start, the hosts of Cosplay 101 are here to help. These veterans will give you tips on everything from dealing with unconventional fabrics to what to do if you don’t know how to sew. This body-positive environment celebrates the fact that we’re not all shaped like comic book characters; you (and your cosplay) are perfect just the way you are.

Uhura and her communicator, Finn and his stormtrooper armor—specific hardware can be a big part of what makes a cosplay character work. Casting and molding can easily seem expensive and overwhelming, but the folks at Casting and Molding 101 want you to know that it doesn’t have to be! This panel will teach you all about the different materials out there and what you can do with them. They will also talk about project planning, workspace setup, and safety.

OK! So now you have your costume and props, what’s next? For many people, strutting their stuff with fellow cosplayers is the ultimate goal, but for some it’s time to make the leap to entering a contest.

If the idea of getting up in front of hundreds of people makes your insides all wiggly, you’re not alone. But fear not! Lulu Laurent, Uvi Bee, and Meldandy are here to answer all your questions at the Costume Contests 101 panel. They’ve had experience as both participants and judges of cosplay contests, and they want to share their stories with you. They’ll discuss skits, walk-ons, solo presentations, and group coordination. Got a question? Never fear, there will be an audience Q&A afterward.

I’m feeling more confident in my first cosplay experience already. Now I just need to choose between all the amazing characters I want to create! Are you planning to cosplay at this year’s con? Join us the weekend of October 8th at The Conference Center at the WSCC and learn all the tips and tricks of the cosplay trade!

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