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Panel Highlight: For Science!

After a very long and difficult deliberation, our panels for this year’s convention have been decided, and now we are excited to show you what’s in store for you. Over the next few weeks, we will introduce some of the panels that will be featured at GeekGirlCon ’16!

One of the major areas of geekery that we love here at GeekGirlCon are the sciences. Although we have an amazing DIY Science Zone every year, and our #DIYSciFilm Livetweet events are always a hoot, we also have a huge range of science panels coming up this year. Below are a few samples of what you might see when you come to the convention on October 8 and 9.

If you’ve seen shows on TV or in movies when police find evidence and take it to a crime lab to get it analyzed, you might have wondered about how accurate the forensic science really is on those shows. Can you get DNA from crab lice? Can video editors really zoom in on car license plates that much and still be accurate? How much evidence can you get from your internet browser history? Featuring scientists such as Gwen Pearson, Emily Finke and GeekGirlCon’s very on Raychelle Burks, our Getting Away with Murder panel will feature the answers to these questions and more! (GeekGirlCon does not, of course, condone acts of criminality, but the science of it is really interesting nonetheless!)

There’s been a major rise in the development of virtual reality (VR) in the past few years. Just like the advent of the internet and smartphones, VR has the potential to revolutionize the way that humans interact with technology and each other. More recently, VR sets have been made commercially available from a variety of different developers. But how much do we actually know about VR? What potential does it have to change our lives? How does the science of virtual reality match up to the fiction? Join our panel of tech experts to find out!


Image source: GeekGirlCon Flickr

Finally, diseases are a popular topic in video games and pop culture, in that they can be used to define and limit characters, set up storylines, and more. But how realistic are these diseases? How might they actually work? Are there real-world examples that they can be compared to? This will be a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Virginia Morris.

Stay tuned to see more upcoming panel highlights for GeekGirlCon ’16! And, as usual, don’t forget to buy your passes before they sell out!

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