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Panel Highlights – Geek Culture


With GeekGirlCon only five weeks away* we’ve been giving you a sneak peek at some of our amazing content for this year. So far, we’ve shown you a sample of our amazing workshops and panels for literary geeks.

This week, we’re going to be highlighting a couple of panels that cover various aspects of geek culture. Now, we all know that geek culture is a HUGE area covering specific domains of geekdom (such as comics, gaming, TV, and so on), so we have loads of panels covering geek stuff generally, but this list of panel highlights is for all you culture vultures out there. Get excited!


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to run a geek fashion business, check out The Growing Geek Fashion Industry. There, the discussion will focus on how to start a business, the challenges of running a geek fashion business, how the area has changed over the years, and more.

For a completely different change of pace, you can learn how to stay active and engaged in some of your favorite fandoms with the Geek Fitness panel! As much as I liked Wii Fit when it came out, there’s probably more to this panel than just doing squats in front of your TV.


Part of GeekGirlCon’s niche lies at the junction of geekdoms and intersectionality, so panels like  Latinx Representation: What Does It Look Like? are right up our alley. The term “Latinx” includes such a massive diversity of peoples and cultures, so how does one go about creating a “Latinx character” in fiction? If you’ve ever wondered about questions like these, this panel of Latinx creators will discuss current representations of Latinx characters in pop culture (Star Wars, Marvel Entertainment, etc) and offer thoughts on how to write strong Latinx characters.

Finally, indie creators are leading the wave of LGBTQ representation in books, comics, webseries, podcasts and more, and we’re also seeing more representation in film and television. However, many creators are still on the “maybe” side, hedging to see if it would be worth it. Spoiler: it is. Join authors, creators and more at the Just Make It Gay Already! Panel as they discuss what it means to see themselves in media and how to deal with their worries.

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So, there you have it! If you’re at GeekGirlCon, chances are that you’re into at least some type of geekery. Make sure you catch these panels to really nerd out in all the best ways.


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