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Panel Preview: Calling All Gamers!

The player character from the upcoming Animal Crossing Horizons picks some red tulips and stuffs them in her pocket. Gif via Giphy.

You may have heard that our gaming floor is powering up for the 2019 convention (…and if not, take a look at all the new things you can expect!) From tabletop to console, we’ve got you covered—but there are even more opportunities to engage with what you love. From passionate industry veterans to adoring fans, GeekGirlCon is hosting a variety of gaming-centric panels and presentations this year. Whether you’re an aspiring dev looking for a little inspiration, interested in DMing, or curious to find your next favorite title, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Here are a few panels that our gamers and geeks can look forward to at #GGC19:

Grab Your Tea and Slippers: Why Cozy Games are the Next Big Thing
The idea of playing wholesome games has become more prominent and normalized. From Animal Crossing to Calico, games are allowing players to take a break and enjoy a calmer side of life—while also providing more opportunities for inclusivity! Let’s get comfy and discuss why these cozy games are an upcoming force in the industry, our favorites, and why we shouldn’t hide the fact we want peaceful titles to enjoy!

Bungie Game Devs, 1 Thing Today
Have you ever met someone with your dream job? Wish you knew which resources, tools, methods, skills, or experiences you could immediately start tackling to set yourself up for success? Designed for future game devs from middle schoolers through recent college grads, this panel of Bungie employees from different positions and backgrounds will share actionable advice to jumpstart your professional path.

GMing as Activism: The value and practice of difficult topics around the table
While tabletop gaming is a great way to kick back, more players and game masters are asking if and how difficult topics should be addressed. Can issues like harassment, bias, and oppression be respectfully explored? How do factors like physical space and player diversity impact tone and engagement? How can GMs create safe spaces for players to engage with these topics and still have fun? Join this discussion on GMing as a tool for inclusivity, understanding, and activism.

Game Development is for Everyone: our stories, our roles
What is it like to make video games? Join the women from Harebrained Schemes—the makers of BATTLETECH—as they talk about how they entered the industry, challenges they’ve faced, and how you can leverage your skills into a games job. From design to engineering, art to production, you’ll learn about the roles within a studio, the future of the industry, and how we can make games a better place for everyone.

Diversity and Representation in Video Game Protagonists
In conjunction with UW’s GAMER Group, our project studied 1,775+ video games from 2005 to 2015. We categorized titles according to the protagonists’ species, gender, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation. Overwhelmingly, most human characters were straight, white men—while marginalized individuals are critically underrepresented in games. Join us to learn more about our findings and discuss the future of representation in the video game industry.

Outsider Comics Presents Fostering Inclusivity in Tabletop Gaming
Outsider Comics specializes in inclusive, instructive one-shot roleplaying game events. Our diverse collective of game masters uses different methods to encourage players to interact with their group in fun and positive ways. Come ask us DM questions and hear what we recommend.

Take a look at our full programming schedule online today and we’ll see you November 16 & 17!

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