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Photo & Video Policy

  • Always ask permission to photograph or record (video or audio) anyone at the convention, including attendees, panelists, moderators, exhibitors, Agents, GeekGirlCon staff, and Conference Center staff. This policy extends to cosplayers. Remember: Attire is not consent.
  • To opt out of photography and videography at GeekGirlCon, please request a sticker for your name badge at Registration or at the Info Booth. GeekGirlCon will do everything in its power to exclude individuals with these stickers from photographs and videos taken during the convention.
  • In addition to our “Do Not Photograph” stickers for your badge, we are offering bright orange lanyards to help signal to our photographers and your fellow attendees that you do not want your picture taken—just make sure your lanyard is clearly visible at all times. Stop by Registration or the Info Booth to pick yours up! 
  • Every person has the right to decline a photograph or video request. Penalties for pursuit of permission after a person declines are clearly outlined in our Code of Conduct in the Consequences for Code of Conduct Violation section.
  • Do not stop to take photographs or recordings in the aisles of the Expo Floor (Level 4), Artist Alley (Level 4), or Games Floor (Level 3) without checking the traffic flow around you. Blocking aisles can lead to inaccessibility, personal injury, or damage to displays, art, or games. 
  • There is an official GeekGirlCon photobooth on Level 3. Please feel free to visit and have your photograph taken, either alone or with other attendees!
  • GeekGirlCon has a team of photographers who roam the Conference Center during the convention. These photographers are volunteers, and their photographs will appear on GeekGirlCon’s Flickr page sometime after the convention’s conclusion. 
  • Videography and audio recording are not permitted during stage presentations or panels unless previously approved by all presenters. 
  • Please turn your flash off before taking photographs during events and panels.
  • If you see a picture or video containing your likeness on our website or any of our affiliated pages (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, RSS Feed, or Meetup) and wish to have it taken down, please contact us at SocialMediaTeam@geekgirlcon.com, and we will do our best to remove the image. 

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