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Pass Scholarships

We at GeekGirlCon work to empower community members to pursue their geeky passions—whether they love science and technology, comics, literature, gaming, or anything else! Our mission is to ensure all these geeks are supported, welcomed, and encouraged to pursue what they love, and we at GeekGirlCon are always looking for ways to make our convention more accessible to all members of the community. We are offering the opportunity to request free passes for those who might otherwise not be able to attend GeekGirlCon, held at Arch Seattle Convention Center on Saturday, November 9th in downtown Seattle.

While we understand that many individuals face financial barriers, we want to consider privilege and intersectionality as they impact accessibility to and inclusivity of our con. Offering these passes is one way that we try to work towards making GeekGirlCon as open and welcoming to all members of the community as we can.

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