Programming submissions for GeekGirlCon 2016 have closed, and we are not accepting late submissions this year. All applicants have been notified whether their panel has been been selected or not. If you did not receive a notification, check your spam folder or contact

What We Are Looking For

The GeekGirlCon community is an incredibly diverse one, and we want that represented in the panels we present at the convention. This means diversity of panel topics (comics, television, science, cosplay, skill-building, gaming, writing, technology, and so on), and also of panelists. We want to ensure that the voices represented in our presentations and panels are varied, and are representative of everyone in our community.

If you are thinking about submitting a panel, the two questions you should ask yourself first are “What am I interested in?” and “What am I qualified to talk about?”

Some of the criteria we look for when reviewing and selecting panels are:

  • Mission-Alignment: Read over our Mission & Values to get an idea of what that means
  • Timely/buzzworthy: The panel is relevant to recent events and conversations
  • Complete: The panel is well-thought out and all components are in place, including the title, description, and panelists
  • Fresh/exciting: The panel content is interesting and new – something we haven’t heard before, a fresh take on something previously discussed, etc.
  • Relevance: The panel is relevant to the GeekGirlCon audience, and is something our attendees will want to see

Please bear in mind that a panel does not need to meet all of the above criteria.

The Process

The panel selection process at GeekGirlCon is a collaborative effort. The Manager of Programming and the Director of Programming and Events put together a Panel Selection Committee comprised of staff members from throughout the organization. Once panel submissions close, the members of the Committee review the submissions and provide ratings and comments. These ratings and comments are compiled and brought to an in-person Committee meeting where the results are systematically discussed and, ultimately, decisions are made about which to invite, which to decline, and which to save on a waitlist.

Everyone who submits a panel will receive a notification via email indicating whether their panel has been selected or not.

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