Raise Some “Extra Life” for Seattle Children’s Hospital!

“Extra Life?” you ask. “What’s all this about?”

I’m glad you asked!

extra life

Image source: Dungeons & Dragons article on Extra Life

Extra Life is a tabletop game tournament that raises money for hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network. Here in Seattle, this means all the money raised will go to Seattle Children’s Hospital–an amazing place where kids and their families experience so much every day, and they can always use our help. All the players and Dungeon Masters are taking pledges for their 48 hours of gameplay, starting this Friday, October 2, at 12pm!

GeekGirlCon’s Gaming Event Coordinator, Andy Munich–also known as The 8 Hour Gamer–played in last year’s tournament, which raised over $88,000 This year, Andy will be joined by GeekGirlCon’s Merchandise Manager, the one and only Shubzilla! They are playing as part of the Dungeons & Dragons team, and the team’s overall goal is $100,000!

Check out this P(uppet) S(ervice) A(nnouncement) that Andy Munich made with Irony Stonegunz, the dwarf warrior he brings to life when he plays D&D:


Gameplay start this Friday, October 2, at 12pm. Tune in on Twitch TV to watch the epic adventures from start to finish. Donate to Andy and Shubz if you are able, and cheer their team on to victory!

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