Signing Schedule

Signing Schedule

Several of our featured contributors and panelists will be available to sign books and other materials at no extra cost in the signing area on Level 3.

Time Author 1 Author 2 Author 3
11–11:45 am Michelle Morrow
Noon–12:45 pm Bonnie Burton  J Tullos Hejig
1–1:45 pm T.M Franklin Elizabeth Hunter Angel Lawson
2–2:45 pm Teresa Jusino & Celia Aurora de Blas Allison Moon
3–3:45 pm Jeanne Ryan Raven Oak Rori Shay
4–5 pm Ashly Burch
Time Author 1 Author 2 Author 3
10–11 am Sammus
11–11:45 am Jeanne Ryan Beth Bolden Paige LaVoie
Noon–12:45 pm Lish McBride Astrid Amara
1–1:45 pm Allison Moon Toby Hill Meyer Bonnie Burton
2–2:45 pm Danny Marks Gretchen S.B  Matthew Buscemi
3–4 pm Jennifer Paz

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