Announcing Special Guest: Gail Simone

Yet another incredible individual has signed on to be a guest of GeekGirlCon! We’re excited to announce that writer, Gail Simone, will join us this October!

Gail Simone, creator of the Women in Refrigerators List – which subsequently raised awareness of the treatment of women in comic books – has written Simpsons comics for Bongo, Killer Princesses for Oni Press (with co-creator and artist Lea Hernandez), and a Rose and Thorn limited series for DC Comics.

In 2003 she took over DC’s Birds of Prey title. Under her direction Birds of Prey became one of DC’s steadiest selling and most critically acclaimed books.

In 2007 she took over writing duties on Wonder Woman. Additionally, Simone’s commitment to creating diverse casts of characters led her to win a Glyph Comics Award for Best Female Character in Thomasina Lindo—one of the lead characters in Welcome to Tranquility—a creator-owned comic published by WildStorm. Simone has also worked on a reboot of Gen¹³ for WildStorm and All-New Atom for DC Comics.

She has also done work in scripting for television and film based on comics including an episode of Justice League Unlimited and early drafts of the Wonder Woman animated direct to DVD feature film (2009).

She recently returned to writing the Birds of Prey series for DC Comics and can be followed on Twitter or her Tumblr, Ape in a Cape.

Welcome to GeekGirlCon, Ms. Gail Simone!!!

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3 responses to “Announcing Special Guest: Gail Simone”

  1. Tom says:

    Woo hoo!!! Also, she’s the writer for Secret Six (which I’m told is way awesome).

  2. […] Announcing Special Guest: Gail Simone One of my favorite comic book writers Gail Simone is coming to GeekGirlCon! […]

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