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GeekGiftGuide: Geeky Gifts for Kids

Holidays are for the kids! Whether you have a geeky kid or are a geek who needs to buy for a kid, here’s your guide to geeky gifts for kids. Your guide writer here has kids ranging from baby to teen to buy for, and I’ve got some ideas for you.

We’ll start at the top: the teenager. Buying for teenagers is almost the toughest. They can be really picky and also pricey. First to ask, what is your teenager into? Mine is into cosplay. Here’s just a few:


Kanna from Inuyasha

Temari from Naruto

Tweak from South Park

“Rock On!”

GeekGiftGuide: Geeky Gifts on a Budget

It’s Black Friday, and you know what that means! We are gearing up for the holidays, and GeekGirlCon brings you a series on geeky gifts this year. We start off with some geek gifts on a budget. Whether you are creating your own wishlist, or buying for a partner, child, companion, or fellow-saver-of-the-universe, we’ve got some goodies for you! Some gift shoppers are looking for deals, so we present to you: Geek Gifts on a Budget.

GeekGirlCon encourages you to patronize our past and current sponsors, exhibitors, and artists alley residents. In addition, Small Business Saturday® arrives tomorrow and presents an opportunity for you to support your local business and get good deals. If you live in the Seattle area, both today and tomorrow, visit etsyRAIN’s 4th annual handmade holiday show. You’ll find many geeky gifts for every budget.

Every geek needs a wash (who doesn’t?). They’ll enjoy their baths and showers more if they have super geeky soap, such as these SNES parody soaps.

SNES Parody Soap

After getting nice and clean, the geek in your life may like to dress up a bit. Geek jewelry is prolific on the internet. Is your geek giftee a fan of Sailor Moon? Check out these Sailor Moon ribbon necklaces (inner senshi only at this time – great for all ages – although it has small parts, and if you have skin sensitivity issues, some extra precaution)!

Sailor Moon: Ribbon Necklace

If you like that, check out: Sailor Moon Jupiter Ribbon NecklaceSailor Moon Mars Ribbon Necklace, Sailor Moon Mercury Ribbon Necklace, and Sailor Moon Venus Ribbon Necklace.

If gaming or science is more the style, here are a few more pieces of jewelry:

Orange and Blue Portal Friendship Bracelets

1up Necklaces

Handblown Glass DNA Strand Capsule Pendant


Now dressed up and all set to go, the geek in your life may wish to decorate their accessories with these Smartphone Earphone Jack Plug – they add decoration to your phone and keep the jack free from dust. For example, this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Earphone Jack Accessory:

TMNT Phone Jack Accessory

The holidays often have celebrations with lots and lots of food! Short on ideas of what to bring to the gathering of geeks in your life? Whether for you or someone else in your life who loves to cook, there are a number of geeky cookbooks like Cooking for Geeks, The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook, and A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook.

If your geeky cook is a Star Wars aficionado, be sure to accompany the Star Wars cookbooks with Star Wars spatulas, cookie cutters, or pancake shapers from Williams-Sonoma. Or maybe your geeky cook is more into the Marvel Universe, and loves the Hulk, Cap, Spidey, and Iron Man. Williams-Sonoma has you covered on that, too.

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Star Wars Pancake Shapers

Marvel Cookware

There are any number of books and movies available this holiday season, which are always a great budget item. While reading a book or watching a movie, the geek in your life might like something to cuddle with. What better than a plushie? Super Mario Fans may enjoy an Invincibility Star or a Red Power Up Mushroom.


Invincibility Star

Power-Up Mushrooms


And every geek needs some AwesomeSauce!


What are your best geeky budget gift ideas?

Adrienne Roehrich is a copywriter for GeekGirlCon.

“Rock On!”

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