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An Interview with Briana Lawrence

This blog post was originally published as part of the Featured Fatty series on PNW Fattitude; cross-posted with permission from the author and interviewer, Kristine Hassell.


Greetings readers, it’s new feature time with our fantastic featured fatty, Briana Lawrence, also known as Brichibi Cosplays. Welcome Briana!

Thanks so much for having me!

Let’s begin with an origin story. Tell us a little about yourself so our readers get an idea of who you are and how you got into cosplay.

Let’s dim the lights and have an epic city backdrop as I tell the tale of Brichibi Cosplays! [laughs]

Deal! The lights are dimmed! Let’s do this!

So I’ve been a geek ever since the Nintendo was a thing, and I mean the original NES. I’ve been playing video games since I was six, then I got into anime when I was ten thanks to a little something called Vampire Hunter D. I also grew up with a dad who collected comic books, and a mom who sat me down to watch all the Star Wars movies (episodes 4 – 6 at the time) because she felt I absolutely HAD to know who Luke Skywalker was.

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