Meet Our Featured Contributors!

From pop-culture titans to social justice superheroes, our featured contributors for GeekGirlCon’18 are movers and shakers in their communities, industries, and the world at large! Check them out:

Lysa Chen

Source: Lysa Chen. Description: headshot of Lysa rocking green hair.

Lysa Chen has designed Dungeons & Dragons adventures for Wizards of the Coast and the Adventurers League. She is distinguished as one of the Dungeon Masters Guild’s premier Guild Adepts.

Caitlin Foskey
“Rock On!”

Meet Your Faves at the Signing Table!

In just a few days, at GeekGirlCon ‘16, you’ll get the chance not only to listen to our amazing featured contributors and the rest of our panelists share their experiences, opinions, and stories during the panels and events but also to have a private moment with them at the signing tables on Floor 3 of the Conference Center.

Learn more about individual featured contributors in some of our earlier blog posts: Ashly Burch and Bonnie Burton; Li Kovacs, Pisara, and Cheyenne Jaz Wise; Natalie “Moxie Girl” McGriff and Sammus; and an amazing set of Pixar creators and engineers.

Liane Behrens
“Rock On!”

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