GeekGirlCon ’15 Featured Contributor: G. Willow Wilson

We on staff at GeekGirlCon are thrilled to share that comic book writer and novelist G. Willow Wilson will be joining us as a featured contributor at GeekGirlCon ‘15 – even if she has to miss New York Comic Con to be here!

She’s one of a upcoming cadre of comic book (and other pop culture) creators who engage deeply with their fanbase, who wear their geeky fannish roots on their sleeve. She’s active on Twitter, answering fan questions and squeeing alongside us at fandom news.

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Announcing: The First-Ever Annual GeekGirlCon Fashion Show

Written by GeekGirlCon guest author Lisa Granshaw

After I attended GeekGirlCon for the first time in 2013, I was hooked. It was unlike any other convention I had attended. Its friendly environment and focus on important topics faced by the community not often given attention elsewhere made the convention a must-visit and more than worth the trip across the country for me.

I’ve been attending ever since, and each year I host a panel about geek fashion, a topic which has been very important to me over the last few years. I believe fashion can be an empowering force for women in the geek community and that it’s important for it to be accessible to all women so they can express their passion for their interests.

Considering GeekGirlCon’s mission and my own recent efforts to write and speak about how empowering geek fashion can be, I thought about how the convention could be a great place for a diverse fashion show. With its goals, GeekGirlCon could host a different type of show for the geek community that not only could spotlight the amazing, empowering geek fashion created by fantastic local companies, but also discuss what still needs to be improved in the industry so everyone can show off their geeky side.

It’s amazing how a small idea has now bloomed thanks to the talented efforts of the GeekGirlCon staff into the first-ever GeekGirlCon Fashion Show in partnership with Espionage Cosmetics and PNW Fattitude.

espionage_cosmetics_logo_teal-label-edit-4[1] logo

At the con this year, we will have an amazing group of models joining us on the runway to display a range of great geek fashion. The designers will be talking with us about what inspires them and how they got started combining their geeky interests with fashion.

I’m honored to be hosting the show and hope you will join us Saturday, October 10, at 8 p.m. in room 301/302 in the WACC! The first 100 attendees will receive a free swag bag filled with items from our sponsors and everyone will get a raffle ticket for great prizes.

Raffle prizes and swag bags are sponsored by:

Espionage Cosmetics
Her Universe
Insert Coin Clothing
ThinkGeek Solutions
Optimystical Studios
Arctic Phoenix Studios
Nerd Cred
GeekStar Costuming
Studio Catawampus

Come decked out in your own great geek fashion and share the experience on social media with the hashtag #GGC15Fashion!

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GeekGirlCon ’15 Programming Highlight: Doing it for Ourselves

As well as celebrating the amazing accomplishments of women in geekery, GeekGirlCon has always had a strong focus on helping women and other marginalized geeks find the tools, contacts, know-how, and resolve to achieve their own goals. In addition to our GeekGirlConnections room (we’ve already highlighted some of the organizations who’ll have tables there this October), we have a range of awesome panels and workshops lined up where you can pick up tips on everything from cosplay to community building to content creation.

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GeekGirlCon ’15 Annual Costume Contest!

Saturday, October 10 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm in Room 301/302

It’s your time to shine in all your geek finery at the GeekGirlCon ‘15 Costume Contest hosted by Devious Cosplay!

Tiffany – aka Devious Cosplay – has been actively cosplaying for 2 years. Before she discovered cosplay, she couldn’t even make a pillow. Her mom has been her mentor and taught her how to sew. She is 33, works full time, and has 2 children, so having a hobby that allows her to be creative and escape from the daily routine of adulthood is amazingly fun and liberating. She loves instantly having something in common with so many people. She hopes to continue to improve and make many more friends over the years. Her geek loves are video games, anything Joss Whedon, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and comic books.

The Costume Contest is open to everyone – all ages, experience levels, and fandoms. Entrants will vie for Best Individual Costume, Best Group Costume, and Best Child’s Costume.

There will also be a new non-competitive Junior Cosplay event from 5:00 pm to 5:20 pm – bring your costumed young ones to the Costume Contest for a chance to show off their nerdiness.

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Media Geeks at GeekGirlCon!

So you’re a member of the press? Part of a commercial media organization? Working on a blog that supports our mission? Now is the time to fill out your Press Pass Request and cover GeekGirlCon ‘15!

As a press pass holder, you will have access to all of the events and exhibits, including the GeekGirlCONcert and Friday night Kickoff Party, special events, and exclusive opportunities to interview contributors and attend our press mixer.

Right now, we have a limited number of our discounted press passes available and registration closes October 3, 2015. There will be no on-site registration for media so fill out the Press Pass Request today!

If you have any questions, email


Written by GeekGirlCon Manager of Public Relations Danielle Gahl

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Crafty Geeks at GeekGirlCon ’15

My grandma first taught me to knit when I was five years old. Oh, I was terrible at it–every time I dropped a stitch, I had to start the whole thing over–but the basic skills took root strongly enough that nearly twenty years later when I had the urge to pick up the hobby again, it all came flooding back.

I got some strange looks as a twenty-something knitter living in a small town in Texas. Twenty-somethings were supposed to be tailgating, getting drunk, and lighting bonfires; it was constantly assumed that I was knitting baby booties.

To my surprise, when I moved to the city and started joining knitting groups, they were full of my fellow geeks. And not just knitting, but many different domestic arts. Sewing, baking, quilting–you name it, someone’s made a TARDIS out of it! The 21st crafty revolution is driven by nerds and geeks of all stripes; if you see someone knitting, they’re more likely than not to have purple hair and be reading a sci-fi novel as they purl. The reasons why are a subject for a much longer post, but for now let’s have a run-down of the crafty, nerdy types who will be plying their wares at GeekGirlCon ‘15!

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FANTASTIC Exhibit Hall Finds

Written by GeekGirlCon copywriter, Henry Behrens

I doubt I’m alone when I say my first venture into geekdom was through the tried and true passages of fantasy, and that love has continually grown, shuttling me from classic fantasies such as Tolkien and The Last Unicorn all the way to more modern, progressive works like The Raven Cycle and Game of Thrones.

Fantasy—coupled with science and other speculative fiction—is a constant draw for me, so it’s no surprise that the GeekGirlCon ‘15 vendors leaning that way are all absolutely on my “Must Visit” list for the upcoming con. Here’s a preview of some of what you’ll see in the Exhibitor Hall, from steampunk corsets to full-on plate armor to delicate nymph headdresses.

arcticphoenix3  arcticphoenix1  arcticphoenix2
Every aspiring magic user could use a skull or two, whether it’s a resin cast of a crow, raven or barn owl, or a replica bat skull strung on a long chain. Art Phoenix Studios’ skulls and jewelry add the perfect, fantastical touch to any outfit or decor.

Bansai1  Bansai2  Bansai3
If soft leather in beautiful styles is more your fancy, Bansai8 Creations should be your first stop. Hand-crafted gear-heavy necklaces, guitar straps, and even sporran bags await you in this fine establishment. Take a load off and invest in these high-quality goods.

Butterfly1  Butterfly2  Butterfly3
Searching for a new look? Butterfly Frillies’ corsets, cinchers, and vests are perfect for almost every occasion. These steampunk, couture goods are hand-made by the designer and have been featured by USA Today, Ladies of Steampunk Magazine, and Dark Beauty Magazine!

CrystalIdyll3  CrystalIdyll2  CrystalIdyll1
There’s nothing like scalemail to really get the fantasy point across, and Crystal’s Idyll is the ideal place to get your fix. With hand-knitted bases to keep the mail from shifting, these epaulets, dice bags, and gauntlets will help you get into character no matter what the setting.

Idolatre1  Idolatre2  Idolatre3
Planning on cavorting through some fields and forests in the near future? Idolatre might be what you’re looking for. Whether you’re interested in taking on the spirit of a jackalope, a ram, or even a maenad, these innovative pieces will help you blend into the steampunk or fantasy land while also standing out in style.

Sinister1    Sinister3
If it’s plate you’re looking to adorn yourself with, the lightweight armor made by Sinister Metalworks might suit. The helmets, crowns, and chestplates come in styles as varied as Grecian and Orc, and they even do custom jobs for your unique LARPing needs.

For less hands-on fantasy- and steampunk-inspired work, look toward author Elizabeth Guizzetti, publisher Hydra House, and the webcomic Wayfarers.

Check out these GeekGirlCon exhibitors’ websites and watch the blog for more Exhibitor Hall previews! What are you most excited about buying at GeekGirlCon ‘15 this year?

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Alert: New GeekGirlCon Staff Members Approaching

Written by GeekGirlCon copywriter, Henry Behrens


A group of friendly and excited new GeekGirlCon staff members approach you. They are smiling and wearing shirts marked with the word “staff” on the back. What do you do?

>  Greet them.

You choose to greet them. You greet the first staff member.

The first staff member is AMY GRADZEWICZ. She says, “My name is AMY GRADZEWICZ, but telling you who I am would take way more time.” What do you do next?

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GeekGirlCONcert and Kick-Off Party ’15

bannerThe GeekGirlCONcert has always been a highlight of convention weekend, and this year we decided to go all-out and celebrate our fifth annual convention with a combo Kick-Off Party and concert to start the weekend off with a bang!

When: Friday, October 9, 6pm-8pm Kick-Off Party, 8:30pm-10:30pm GeekGirlCONcert

Where: Hard Rock Cafe, Downtown Seattle, 116 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101

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Get Cute at GeekGirlCon ’15

As someone with not one but two fancy-sounding job titles and lots of Important Responsibilities, I am of course a totally dignified adult human person and in no way susceptible to adorable things looking at me all cute-like.

Haha, just kidding! I live with an entire menagerie of plush animals, each with their own personality and quirks. I keep photos of them on my phone like other people have pics of their children. For the most venerable of my plushy pals, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle who lives with my brother in England, I hand-sewed a steampunk vest complete with tiny functioning pocket-watch. Cute is my achilles heel.

I know a lot of GeekGirlCon’s dedicated following feel the same way, so here I am with a preview of some of the squee-sellers–the snuggle merchants, the captains of cute–who will be featured in the Exhibitor Hall at GeekGirlCon ‘15!

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