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GeekGirlCon ’15 Programming Highlight: We’ve Got Intersectionality!

Here at GeekGirlCon, we pride ourselves on promoting the interests of all types of geeky women, be it in the sciences, or in gaming, comics or popular culture. However, our mission is considerably broader than that: we value diversity in all types, and celebrate in particular the space where these differences overlap.

Some of our panels also touch on the intersectionality between gender and another issue, such as race, ability, gender identity and orientation, or size. And now with our schedule available online for GeekGirlCon ‘15, here are some freshly-picked panels at the intersection of geeky lady-ness and everything else:

JC Lau
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Agent Applications for GeekGirlCon ’15 Now Open!

Looking to meet new people who share your interests and values? Wanting to donate your time, mind and/or muscles to a nonprofit, grassroots organization? Why, look no further than GeekGirlCon, your favorite lady-focused geeky convention, where we’re just happening to be looking for capable, excited and eager volunteers for this year’s convention.

The fifth annual GeekGirlCon will be taking place at The Conference Center at the WSCC on October 10 and 11, and we need you to help run it!

Volunteer for GeekGirlCon as an Agent or Special Agent. GeekGirlCon is an entirely volunteer-run organization, and while we have an incredible, hard-working staff, we can’t pull off our convention without our consistently wonderful army of volunteers.

Agents are the people at the con in charge of seating in panel rooms, wrangling lines, setting up and tearing down the convention, directing traffic, and generally being the best, most helpful, and friendliest people around. When you’re accepted as a volunteer, you’ll get an official, exclusive GeekGirlCon Agent t-shirt and free admission to the convention in exchange for working part of the weekend.

Go to the Volunteer Application today and sign up—and don’t wait, because the application deadline is July 31, and no applications will be accepted after that date!

Written by GeekGirlCon Copywriter Henry Behrens

Henry Behrens
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When Did I Realize I Was A Geek?

by Elsa S. Henry, founder and author at Feminist Sonar, and the new community manager for Storium.com

It all begins for me with a Sherlock Holmes book. I can remember it, clear as day. A thin volume containing the Hound of the Baskervilles, and another containing The Last Vampire, and another with The Red Headed League. They were marbleized in style with an oval Sydney Paget illustration in the center.

It all begins with Sherlock Holmes, but it certainly didn’t end there. My geekery has always been rooted in the written word. Whether it is my lifelong love of Sherlock Holmes (as a child I insisted that I was going to marry him), I had a Sherlock Holmes murder mystery themed birthday party.

Elsa GeekGirlCon When Did I Realize

But what really makes me a geek is that I have always loved to play “pretend” for lack of a better word. I created a whole world to play in (and yes, sometimes we would play Sherlock Holmes), and as I grew older that love of stories turned into a love of doing theater, roleplaying, and the occasional LARP.

In high school, I spent so much time at the comic book and gaming shops that I made friends. We played RPGs on the “Geek Stairs” (the back stairwell of our high school), where we would eat lunch, hang out, and often roll dice. Prior to those years, I had been teased for loving books and playing pretend, and when the days of free play outside ended, my refuge for open play became the theater.

So, I became a geek because of my love of words, stories, and creating new places from scratch. I guess that’s why, as an adult, I’m a game designer and disability advocate who works fervently to create access for people with disabilities to video games and roleplaying games. Because for me, without the stories and the books and the ability to play, I would have been lost. Without the support of my family to continue doing what I love (even when it got me teased in school), I wouldn’t be writing this article.

I’ve been a geek for most of my life, and as an adult, I now work in the industry of geeks, and I married someone who loves books as much as I do, who also enjoys going to Barcade (a bar with arcade games from the 1980s), and I never stopped telling stories.

AJ Dent
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GeekGirlCon & Central Cinema Present: Wargames

BBC and Central Cinema Present Wargames January 30


Have you ever portrayed the bad guy in a computer game and then accidentally almost started World War III? Well, Matthew Broderick has, as David Lightman in WarGames. Before he was everyone’s favorite teenage rebel in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off–where he played a disgruntled high school student hacking into the school computers to change the number of sick days he had taken–Broderick played a disgruntled high school student hacking into the school computers to change the poor grade he had just received. Ever wonder if Ferris learned a thing or two from David?

In WarGames, with his friend Jennifer Mack (played by The Breakfast Club’s Ally Sheedy), David accidentally hacks into a game that isn’t a game…and you’ll have to watch the movie to see how it ends!

Join GeekGirlCon at Central Cinema for the screening of this awesome scifi thriller!

The Details:

  • Our Selection: WARGAMES, that 1983 geeky classic
  • Date: Thursday, January 30, 2014
  • Time: 7:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.
  • Cost: $7 (pre-show) /$9 (at the door)/$.99 (10pm show only)


This is not a TV Dinner, but as always, food and drink may be purchased to help support our favorite movie theater.

WarGames is PG for language.

Laurel McJannet
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Who Is GeekGirlCon For?

KristineThis post is brought to you by GeekGirlCon Twitter Administrator and Board President Kristine Hassell.

As we work toward our convention in October (Do you have your passes yet? Seriously? Buy them already!), I thought I’d address some assumptions about GeekGirlCon, who we are, and what we do. As a proud staffer with GeekGirlCon, I am familiar with our mission statement:

We celebrate and honor the legacy of women that contribute to science and tech; video games and comics; and arts and literature. We fulfill this mission by connecting geeky women worldwide and nurturing a community that fosters the growth of women in geek culture through year-round events.

To me, it seems evident from reading this that anyone who supports geeky women would be welcome, but what does this really mean? So I decided to pose the question, “Based on what you know, who do you think that GeekGirlCon is for?” to some folks I know, and some of the replies are interesting.

Aaron Blalack“Pretty much what it says on the label.  It’s primarily for girls and women of the geekier persuasions, but it’s also open to anyone who’d like to learn and see more about the perspectives/issues on their side of things.” – Aaron Blalack, convention attendee and hip-hop artist

Joanna Gaskell“GeekGirlCon is for the thinking geek. I’ve always found the atmosphere and the vibe of GeekGirlCon to be a bit more academic than most other gaming conventions I attend. The panelists and the special guests arrive with the intention to talk about important issues. You are expected to think, you are expected to communicate well, and you can expect the conversations to be thoughtful and the questions challenging. Attendees should go to GeekGirlCon expecting to explore their favourite element of nerdy culture on a more thoughtful level.” – Joanna Gaskell, writer and producer of Standard Action

Nick Hahn“GeekGirlCon to me is a sort of geeky safe harbor. A place where women can meet one another and share common enthusiasm about geeky passions without being subjected to the more negative side of our beloved culture such as sexism and voyeurism. A happy place to feel warm and fuzzy.” – Nick Hahn, Community Outreach Event Coordinator for Ablegamers

Alan Kistler“I think GeekGirlCon is for everyone. It doesn’t exclude men in the same way that Comic-Con focuses on Comics but doesn’t exclude people who like genre prose, video games or sci-fi television. It invites you to a gathering that celebrates women who, sadly, don’t always get the recognition they should elsewhere. And it has plenty of panels and activities that aren’t gender specific.” – Alan Kistler, author/actor and comic book historian

Andy Munich“If you believe GeekGirlCon is a place for all geeks, then GeekGirlCon is the place for you. Join the inclusion clique!” – Andy Munich, convention attendee, Special Agent, and RPG specialist

Bix“I think that GeekGirlCon is for anyone who thinks that questions of gender disparity in geek culture are fair ones, and who therefore sees that having a focus on deliberately (re)presenting groups or perspectives that differ from the cultural default of many other events is a reasonable response. When other events (or cultures surrounding them) are, or seem to be, presumptively male, tagging an event “girl” only seems exclusionary in the superficial sense. Really, it’s a geeky and pop cultural event for anyone interested in any other such events, but built from the ground up to rest on the foundation of a more inclusive default.” – The One True B!x, Portland writer and founder emeritus of CSTS

Shervyn von Hoerl“I am a little disadvantaged, having never been to GeekGirlCon…but I would still have to say, it’s for everyone. Based on the fact that every male Enforcer I am friends with actually looks forward to going to GeekGirlCon and certainly every geek girl I know in the PNW attends. I would say it’s for anyone who is comfortable with a con that is trying create a space where women actually feel comfortable instead of merely accepted.” – Shervyn von Hoerl, nerd dad hoping to raise a geek boy and a geek girl

Michael Hanna“Although my knowledge is limited because I’m on the other side of nation and all, I was always under the impression that GeekGirlCon more or less celebrated and emphasized the fact that it’s not just a rare thing to be a girl with sci-fi/fantasy/RPG/console gamer interests. It’s normal… and darn it, it’s cool!!! GeekGirlCon is awesome, and I really must spread the word to a couple newly arrived gamer grrls I met at our weekly game day. I think at least one of them would make a pilgrimage someday :-).” – Michael Hanna, gay gamer rakehellion and Michigan bon vivant

Angela Webber“GeekGirlCon is for people who enjoy geekery, inclusion and happiness.” – Angela Webber, The Doubleclicks

Aubrey Webber“GeekGirlCon is for people who like smiling and puppies.” – Aubrey Webber, The Doubleclicks*

Now…after reading all of these replies, it’s clear that everyone sees GeekGirlCon a little differently—and that’s sort of the point! GeekGirlCon is for everyone that supports us in our mission and values.

I’ve encountered folks who were convinced they couldn’t come because they think they’re not geeky “enough” or they’re not girls. Nope. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the Light. There is peace and serenity in the Light. Wait, sorry. I channeled a little Tangina there…but you get my drift. Genuinely, and I’m quoting directly from our values:

“GeekGirlCon embraces all types of people. PERIOD. There is no way to list all the subsets of folks that now or in the future will make up the body of GeekGirlCon. ALL: ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, sexual preferences, sizes, abilities, ethnicities, nationalities, races, creeds, religions, familial statuses, alien species, earth species, education levels, science specializations, operating system preferences, fandoms, etc., are welcome. Anyone supporting women in geeky pursuits is welcome.

And with that, we hope to see you in October!

*Note: no actual puppies are used in the production of GeekGirlCon.puppies

Winter Downs
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Creative Corner: Standard Action’s Joanna Gaskell!

This blog is brought to you by GeekGirlCon Twitter administrator Kristine Hassell

SA LogoGreetings, readers! Have you heard about Standard Action? If you’re down with RPGs, you will enjoy this earnest fantasy/comedy web series for geeks of all kinds. Since they have launched a Kickstarter to fund their third season, I thought what better way to introduce them to our audience than with a chat with producer, writer, star, and co-creator, my friend, Joanna Gaskell! So please, follow along today for the first in a three-part interview with Joanna! Today, we’ll focus on SA and their first Kickstarter.

JG 001

Joanna Gaskell

Hi, Joanna!

Hi, Kristine!

Q. Let’s begin with an origin story. Tell us a little about yourself and what you do for Standard Action (SA)?

A. Sure thing. I’m the writer and producer of SA, and I also play one of the lead characters – a Elf Barbarian named Edda. I work on a variety of different projects in Vancouver, BC, mostly in an acting or voice over capacity, but I’m also producing a bit more now, and writing when I can. I’ve been in Vancouver for about six years, but I’m originally from Victoria, and I did my acting training in London, UK.

Q. I am familiar with the coolness of SA, but can you explain it to those who might now know?

SA is the fantasy webseries for geeks of all kinds. It’s a bit like Lord of the Rings if the entire party was made up of Pippins. It has the humor and the intelligence of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld or The Mighty Boosh, and the campiness of the old Hercules, Legendary Journeys show. It’s full of references to nerd culture and gaming, but it’s accessible enough for anyone to find the humor in it.

The story follows four inept, misfit adventurers who find each other and set out on a quest full of bumbling hilarity that tests not only their fellowship, but everyone’s perception of what a hero should be. It’s heartwarming in places, very silly in others, and it appeals to anyone who ever rooted for the underdog.

L-R: Ferdnando (Edwin Perez), Wendy (Tara Pratt), Martin (Daniel S. Johnston), and Edda (Joanna Gaskell).

L-R: Ferdnando (Edwin Perez), Wendy (Tara Pratt), Martin (Daniel S. Johnston), and Edda (Joanna Gaskell).

Q. Do you have to have played an RPG to get the humor?

Our show is full of references to nerd culture and gaming, but it’s accessible enough for anyone to find the humor in it. We don’t just stick to gaming, either; we have Easter Eggs in there for Browncoats, Trekkies, Star Wars fans, Tolkien lovers, Monty Python addicts, and more. It’s really a story about interesting, relatable characters and their journey through the mishaps of a fantasy world. You don’t have to be a nerd to enjoy it, but every once in awhile you might appreciate a joke a bit more if you’ve ever been a gamer, or part of a fandom.

Fernando and Edda get their groove on.

Fernando and Edda get their groove on.

Q. Your Kickstarter will be funded with less than a day left. Congratulations on your funded third season! Has its success been a surprise?

Thank you! One thing about being on the web is that we have pretty close connections with our fans, so we knew we had a lot of support out there. But I have to admit I was pretty blown away by the first week of our Kickstarter. We hit our base goal in just three days, and it certainly gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling to see the generosity from the fans, and the obvious appreciation for what we do. It’s always great to know as an artist that your audience wants to see more! We’re trying for a big last push as our campaign comes to a close, though ‒ the more we raise, the longer our season will be, and I’d really love to have a lot of episodes for Season 3.

SA Cast

Wendy, Edda, and Martin listen with apprehension.

Q. What you do when you’re not rocking as Edda?

Ha! I seem to wear the Edda ears and costume really, really often, so people always look surprised when I show up not in costume at a panel, or at another job.


Kaja Sadowski and Joanna Gaskell

Currently, I have a bunch of other projects on the go. I co-host a board game review show called Starlit Citadel Reviews, which has become very popular; we’re in our second season, and have over 60 episodes out. I’m doing a stage show here in Vancouver called the Critical Hit Show ‒ live D&D on stage ‒ which always gets a great audience. I’ve been working a bit with Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, the great troupe who made JourneyQuest and the Gamers movies. I’ve finished filming on their next feature (Gamers: Hands of Fate), and next up is a web mini-series called Humans and Households. And there are two sci-fi projects I’m co-producing at the moment: one of them is uber-low-budget sketch comedy show Space Cab, which I’m pretty darn excited about; and the other one… I can’t talk about yet. 🙂

Oh, then there’s my day job. I have one of those, too.

Tune in early next week for part two of my interview with Joanna! We will chat about how SA has helped her hone her craft and where you might find Edda and her crew this year!

Part 2
Part 3

Guest Contributor
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Chaka Cumberbatch Appearing at GeekGirlCon ’13

Professional Cosplayer? Yes, she is!

GeekGirlCon announces the appearance of Chaka Cumberbatch at GeekGirlCon ‘13 on October 19 and 20, 2013.

Chaka Cumberbatch

Chaka Cumberbatch

On February 4, 2013, Cumberbatch authored a piece on XOJane called I’m a black female cosplayer and some people hate it responding to an uproar over her professional cosplay career. In addition to being a professional cosplayer, she is the Associate Brand Manager at FUNimation Entertainment, and a freelance journalist/blogger. Her writing has appeared on numerous sites, including TheMarySue.com and NerdCaliber.com.

Cumberbatch cosplays as various superheroes, in full character, at comic book conventions. Cumberbatch’s cosplay has become such a large focus in the media, she says she expects to never enter a job interview without also discussing her hobby. If you want to talk about back issues and current issues of comics, she is the person to see!

“GeekGirlCon is excited for Chaka Cumberbatch to attend our third annual convention. We look forward to hearing her speak on social, race, gender, and sexuality issues within the geek community and seeing her cosplay,” said Jennifer K. Stuller, Director of Programming and Events.

Visit Chaka Cumberbatch’s Facebook page or follow her on Twitter to learn more about her.

GeekGirlCon ‘13 is partnering with Homewood Suites and W Hotel.
GeekGirlCon ‘13 is seeking fabulous Vendors and Exhibitors (through June 1).
GeekGirlCon ‘13 is looking for your programming and events (through May 15).
GeekGirlCon ‘13 has press pass information.
GeekGirlCon presents GeekGirlConnections at the Con (apply now) and year-round.
GeekGirlCon offers fantastic events throughout the year that you don’t want to miss!

Don’t miss any exciting updates, schedules, and more for GeekGirlCon ‘13! Buy your passes now!

Eric Mack
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Look Who’s Coming to GeekGirlCon ‘13!

Kelly Sue DeConnick will be appearing at GeekGirlCon '13

Kelly Sue DeConnick will be appearing at GeekGirlCon ’13

GeekGirlCon proudly announces Kelly Sue DeConnick will be appearing at our third annual GeekGirlCon convention, October 19 and 20, 2013!

Kelly Sue DeConnick has worked in the comic book industry for the last decade, writing comics and adapting manga into English including the scripts for Kare First Love, Black Cat, Sexy Voice and Robo, and Blue Spring (among others!).

DeConnick’s best-known comic credit is her involvement with Marvel Comics and the evolution of Ms. Marvel, a character with beginnings in the 1970s as a feminist character named Carol Danvers, into Captain Marvel. The role of Carol Danvers has grown through many personal hardships, from identity crises to alternate reality disasters to alcoholism. DeConnick emphasizes the character’s strength in overcoming and living through these challenges, and focuses on the amazing woman who has become Captain Marvel.

“Kelly Sue DeConnick is a talented writer and a strong advocate for women in comics,” said Jennifer K. Stuller, Director of Programming and Events. “We are thrilled that she is coming to GeekGirlCon ’13!”

For more information on her fantastic catalog, check out Kelly Sue DeConnick’s author page on Amazon for information on her available titles.

GeekGirlCon ‘13 is partnering with Homewood Suites and W Hotel.
GeekGirlCon ‘13 is seeking fabulous Vendors and Exhibitors.
GeekGirlCon ‘13 is looking for your programming and events (through May 15).
GeekGirlCon ‘13 has press pass information.
GeekGirlCon presents GeekGirlConnections at the Con (apply now) and year-round.
GeekGirlCon offers fantastic events throughout the year that you don’t want to miss!

Don’t miss any exciting updates, schedules, and more for GeekGirlCon ‘13! Buy your passes now!


Guest Contributor
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GeekGirlCon Wants You!


GeekGirlCon is seeking programming submission ideas, performers, and professionals for GeekGirlCon ’13. Are you interested in being a part of our convention this year? Please fill out one of the forms listed below!

Programming Submission Form: for all convention programming

GeekGirlConnections Submission Form: for our GeekGirlConnections room, a resource to help professionals connect with and mentor convention attendees

Events Submission Form: for musical talent at the convention

Do you have any questions? Please direct them to programinfo@geekgirlcon.com.

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Join us for the premiere of #WonderWomen

Hello, geeks!

We’d like to invite you to join GeekGirlCon for a fun Twitter chat on Monday (April 15) during the PBS premiere of Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines. Wonder Women! is a fantastic documentary that examines representations of powerful women in popular culture. GeekGirlCon is a big fan of the film. We hosted a panel with women featured in the film at GeekGirlCon ’11 and screened the finished film during the closing celebration at GeekGirlCon ’12.

Now, Wonder Women! is being brought to the masses. We’re really excited to watch the film again. Find the screening time in your area, and take a peek at the film’s trailer below.

GeekGirlCon staff will be tweeting away as we watch, and we hope you can join us! Don’t forget to follow @GeekGirlCon and use the hashtag #WonderWomen as you watch the documentary to be a part of the conversation. We’ll be watching at 10 p.m. PDT when it airs in Seattle. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the film.

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Join The Discussion #GeekGirlCon

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