Mother’s Day Geeky Gift Guide

If you like GeekGirlCon, you may have a geeky mom in your life. In between May the Fourth/Star Wars Day and Geek Pride Day, there’s a holiday called Mother’s Day. A collection of geeky moms let me know what they would want for the holiday, and your geeky mom may just love these too.

@ScientistMother would not turn down the Jewelry from the “I fucking love science” website.

I was inundated with gift ideas from Tristan Tarwater (although I might suggest one of her books).

Tristan also added, “As for me, I would be cool with getting some sweet gardening stuff, a gift certificate to my favorite local farm store, or Welcome to Night Vale t-shirts/swag.” Don’t forget geeky moms can love traditional hobbies like gardening and knitting.

Sharon Feliciano of Parenting Geekly fame proclaimed, “I want the R2-D2 measuring cups from Think Geek!”


Now, I ask you, what do you want to give or receive for Mother’s Day?

Adrienne Roehrich
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Ask GeekGirlCon: How awesome is your mom?

Hey everyone and Happy Mother’s Day! Some of us here at GeekGirlCon decided to take the time to share the difference our mothers have made!

PR Content Producer Shubz and her mom on her wedding day

“My Mom is a fantastic leader in our family, and also one of my biggest fans. I have always been in the performing arts, and for every recital, dance competition, and (recently) gig or open mic, Mom has either been there or has put it in her calendar to come through and check out. I gave her a 1337ology article I was featured in for nerdcore and she absolutely loved it. Rap and hip-hop may not be her thing, but the fact that she is so ready to support and love the work I do is such a confidence booster.” – Shubz Blalack, PR Content Producer

“I never really thought about my mom having an influence on my geekiness, because it was always so obvious. What I did not really appreciate until later was that she was actually quite a bit of a geek herself. She always encouraged me to follow my passions and not worry about what anyone else thought. She also made sure that my brother & I saw Star Wars (the original/only three: episodes IV, V, and VI) and loved it when we recreated scene after scene verbatim ad nauseum. She has passed along two ‘family jewelry’ necklaces — one C3PO and one X-wing. She pledged PBS when we couldn’t stop quoting lines from Red Dwarf; and she’s bought expansion packs for Carcassonne, while getting all of her friends to play on and offline. Funnily enough, neither of us is a big fan of Mothers’ Day. It feels a little small to limit appreciating her to a single day a year. She is frakking awesome, and I’m so proud every day that she’s my mum.” – Amanda Powter, Copywriter

“My mom can certainly be blamed for my fall into the geekdom, and that’s a great thing! As a pharmacist, she instilled in me a love for science and math at an early age. But she did so much more than that! She encouraged my strange and unusual behaviors. When I stepped out of my room in a plaid top and striped pants, she smiled. When I said I wanted to paint my car pink, she and my dad took me to the auto detail shop. She came with me to see Lord of the Rings at midnight. These seem like little things, but when you grow up around someone who shows you she’s proud of who you are and what you love, you have the freedom to truly be the person you’re meant to be.” – Susie Rantz, PR Manager

PR Manager Susie Rantz and her mom after running a half marathon in Hawaii

So you’ve heard from us, how about you? Tell us about the awesome mom/mother figure in your life!

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