A Q&A with Molly Brooks

Can you believe that #GGC19 is barely two days away? In celebration of our launch, we’re rolling out our final Q&As. From the Women of NASA, to a sneak preview of our 2019 merch, we’ve still got some really exciting content to share with all of you.

Molly Brooks is one of our Featured Contributors and an absolute brilliant illustrator. Her comics are heartfelt and diverse—advocating more representation on the page and behind the pen. Her debut graphic novel, Sanity & Tallulah (October 2018) is a funny and smart story about best friends who must find their furry, adorable, and totally illegal science experiment. Chock-full of imaginative biology, tech, and engineering references, Sanity & Tallulah encourages experimentation and problem-solving. In the sequel, Sanity & Tallulah: Field Trip (October 2019), the dynamic duo are going on a field trip—to another planet! They get sucked into an adventure of intergalactic proportions when they’re pursued by a pirate and seek the aid of an accountant, a math hermit, and a group of mysterious beekeepers.

In preparation for her appearance at #GGC19, Molly did a Q&A with me about her influences, the importance of diversity, and of course, her furry office attendants!

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Q&A with Featured Contributor Aiden Thomas

If you like YA novels; paranormal romances; gay, trans, and latinx protagonists; #ownvoices books; and/or authors who are breaking new ground in an industry that’s been been around for centuries, you’re going to want to make time in your GeekGirlCon’19 schedule to see, hear from, and maybe even meet Aiden Thomas (@aidenschmaiden on Twitter and Instagram).

Image description: Headshot of Aiden Thomas. They’re smiling at the camera while seated on a black leather sofa in front of a brick wall.

Aiden is the author of two upcoming novels: Cemetery Boys, a Dia de Muertos paranormal romance about Yadriel (a gay, trans brujo) who accidentally summons the wrong ghost (July 2020), and Lost in the Never Woods, a dark sequel to, and reimagining of, the classic Peter Pan story (January 2021).

Keep reading to learn more about Aiden, their books, and what superpower they’d pick if they had the option to!

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Ask GeekGirlCon: What is your favorite Geeky Accessory?

Hi everyone! To kick off this segment of “Ask GeekGirlCon,” we staffers will start off with the question “What is your favorite geeky accessory?” Here’s what some of the staffers have shared:

I love my D20 earrings because they are discreet and not in your face. When people do recognize them for what they are, there is usually a small ‘bonding’ moment, which is always fun! But the best part is that if I ever need to make a skill check, I’m good to go!
Terra Clarke, Street Team Coordinator

My favorite geeky accessory is my Wonder Woman purse. It was handmade by AllThingzBeautiful. It has such wonderful shape and serves as inspiration for making my formal nights a bit more fun. Plus, Wonder Woman’s my hero, and a reminder to be strong, graceful, and empathic to all is a great thing.
Erica McGillivray, President and Marketing Director

My favorite geeky accessory is my library card! I am a huge fan of books, in particular sci-fi and fantasy books. I “Geek the Library” because it gives everybody the opportunity to explore their passions and discover themselves. Librarians also are the most punk rock people I know. Every day, they advocate for freedom of speech and expanding our minds. Where else can you get all that — and for free?!
Susie Rantz, PR Manager

Shoot us a comment below about your favorite geeky accessory! What’s the Geek of 2012 toting in the new year? Look for more Ask GeekGirlCon! here on the PR Blog.

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