Panel Recap: Women, Diversity, and Comics: A Non-Compliant Discussion About the Comic Book Industry

G. Willow Wilson, creator and writer of the new Ms. Marvel, featuring Kamala Khan (a Muslim Pakistani-American teenage girl living in New Jersey) skipped New York Comic Con this year to join us at GeekGirlCon for the very first time. We were thrilled to have her here in Seattle for a non-compliant discussion of women, diversity, and comics.

Moderator Sabrina Taylor set the tone by telling us, “We are here, as Kelly Sue DeConnick would say, to smash the patriarchy.” (DeConnick is the creator of Bitch Planet, a comic about “non-compliant” women in a dystopian future who are sent to a prison planet for transgressions both major and minor.)

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July Geek of the Month: Sabrina Taylor

Hi folks! In this installment of Geek of the Month, let’s get to know our amazing Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator, Sabrina!

It’s Sabrina!

Name:Sabrina Taylor
Occupation: Student/Comic Slinger
Position in GeekGirlCon: Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator

1: What are you geeky about right now?
Well I recently started working at The Comic Stop, and while I’ve been a longtime reader of comics, I still have many great titles that I’ve never read. The customers are great because they bring these great titles to the register, and I always end up making a mental note of half of them. I feel like my weekly comic stacks have doubled just from customer suggestions alone. I’m also super geeky about knitting and video games, always video games.

2: How did you find out about GeekGirlCon?
I saw a flier for it at Sakura-Con the previous year and was really interested. I feel this is such an amazing idea, and it’s completely needed.

3: Why did you choose to get involved with GeekGirlCon?
Before volunteering with GeekGirlCon, I spent many moments feeling frustrated about the reaction I got as a geek, a person of color, and a woman, or how women are treated in fandom. And it is really great to be part of an organization that strives to be supportive of all geeks, no matter who they are.

4: Why is supporting and celebrating geeky women important to you?
Many of us felt we were alone in our “geekness.” I know I did. I felt that the friends I had didn’t understand the frustrations I had or didn’t get excited about the same things that I did. I think it’s important for women to know that it’s OK to be geeky, including about topics like math and the sciences. There is a growing population of women who are interested in these fields, or even work in them, and I feel it’s really great to have a convention like GeekGirlCon that can give those women a place to network. Personally, I’m beyond excited about our new area this year, GeekGirlConnections, an amazing area where women can sit down with professionals from various fields and industries and get help from mapping out career paths, learning what it’s like to work in a particular job, or getting tips on how to apply. I think it’s going to be one of the highlights of this year’s con.

5: Who is your geeky role model and why?
Neil DeGrasse Tyson is just the best, I have always adored him, and he is on my bucket list of people to meet. I will completely admit to having a crush on him. 🙂

Thanks for all the work you do, Sabrina! You rock our socks!

How about you? Why is supporting and celebrating geeky women important to you?

“Rock On!”

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