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Geek About Town: Death*Star at the AFK Tavern

Death*Star was at it again this past Saturday at the AFK Tavern with special guests Ultraklystron and Klopfenpop! It was an intimate show, and by that I mean audience members of the 21+ persuasion huddled into the bar area to see and hear Northwest nerdcore hip-hop. Here’s a brief overview of my favorite’s from each set:

Ultraklystron is one of the fiercest artists with a mic. The guy is ridiculous with his wordplay!  That being said, I always appreciate any artist, much less a rap artist, who can have some fun and not take himself too seriously. My example, “Bromance Dance.” Stop, look it up, and listen. It’s fun, catchy, and a guaranteed good time.

If you want another example of a fine lyricist, check out Klopfenpop.  Specifically, his track “Prime Obsession.” I can’t explain it the way he does before he performs it at a show, but to not be too much of a spoiler, the entire track is to a Mozart-sampled beat. In other words, it’s FAST! Indeed, a treat for the math and music fan alike.

Death*Star, regardless of how humorously self-deprecating they can be, have consistently put out great shows. Though they’re currently promoting their upcoming album “A New Dope,” solid favorites like “Looking For Group” and the more recent “Broken Robots” have kept their fan base strong and ready for more from this talented trio.

My words can’t do these folks justice, so my recommendation is to go and see them yourself. They don’t disappoint.  For GeekGirlCon followers in Canada, y’all have got the advantage as Ultraklystron is in your neck of the woods.  Though regardless of where you fall on the map, give them a listen and show them some love.

For more information on the artists mentioned, check out their tunes at:
Ultraklystron: http://karlrolson.com/blog/audio/

Klopfenpop: http://klopfenpop.com/

Death*Star: http://deathstar.bandcamp.com/

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