Geek About Town: February 2012 To-Do List

Hey GGC-ers!! Many of you may know us for the events that we put on throughout the Seattle area as well as our fantastic con! Every month, we’ll be compiling a list of other special geeky events around town and beyond so that you can meet up and connect with your fellow nerds. While this month’s list is all Seattle, please feel free to reply with events happening around you and let’s do our best as a whole to support nerd culture.

February 4th-5th: Pink Gorilla West Grand Opening Event (All-ages snacks, drinks, and raffles during store hours)

February 4th: Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival (Film festival, per the EMP Museum “some films may contain adult themes and/or material so parental discretion is advised.)

February 11th: Music & Magic (21+ Magic the Gathering tournament and live music show with Seattle-area nerdcore artists)

February 15th: Kirby Krackle vs. Adam Warrock (21+ nerdcore show)

February 17th: Battlestar GalactiBash (21+, Battlestar Galactica Exhibit Finale)

February 17th-19th: Radcon (Pasco, WA Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention)

February 18th-19th: BeyondCon 2012 (Gig Harbor, WA Beyond Reality Costumers Guild Convention)

February 20th: Science: Michio Kaku: Physics of the Future (Discussion)

Don’t forget the GeekGirlCon Events in February:
February 12th: CakeSpy Cupcake Decorating Event (All ages, cupcake decorating with contest)

February 15th: Central Cinema TV Dinner with GeekGirlCon: Trek-Style (All-ages, TV mini-marathon)

If you know of any more geeky events throughout the month, please leave us an awesome comment! Got an event happening near you? Send the information to*

*GeekGirlCon reserves the right to not publish or advertise events not in alignment with our mission.

Shubz K. Blalack
PR Content Producer

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Geek About Town: Get your GeekGirlCon on with Tempting Tarts Burlesque

This past Saturday, GeekGirlCon teamed up with the ladies of Tempting Tarts Burlesque – and the Tarts did not disappoint! This is my 2nd time seeing the Tarts perform, and both shows were fun and super geeky. Rose A’Lee’s homage to the Watchmen’s Silk Spectre got everyone cheering (especially after a nod to another one of the Watchmen)! Another noteworthy performance was Pepper Patootie and Roxy Ruby tag teaming it up to represent Chicago through the musical stylings of the Blues Brothers.

Also, I’ve got to give props to our President and Vice President, Erica and Tammy, for keeping the fun energy up  between acts. These two have been fantastic as our mistresses of ceremonies!

To find out more about Tempting Tarts Burlesque and when they are performing next, check out their website at:

-Shubz Angeles Krismer
 PR Assistant

Guest Contributor
“Rock On!”

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