Hey, Staffer, Whatcha Geekin’ Out About: An Interview with Marina Martinez

For our July Hey Staffer post, we’re talking to Marina Martinez, about anime, what it’s like to play quidditch in real life and what those things have in common!

Who are you and what do you do at GeekGirlCon?

I am the Marina Martinez and I am the Panel Program Manager with GeekGirlCon!

What do you do for your day job/when you’re not being awesome as a GGC staffer?

In my everyday life I am a Project Manager at Artech, which is a fine art services company. We pack, transport, install, and provide collection management services to institutions and individuals throughout the Pacific Northwest.

JC Lau
“Rock On!”

Alert: New GeekGirlCon Staff Members Approaching

Written by GeekGirlCon copywriter, Liane Behrens


A group of friendly and excited new GeekGirlCon staff members approach you. They are smiling and wearing shirts marked with the word “staff” on the back. What do you do?

>  Greet them.

You choose to greet them. You greet the first staff member.

The first staff member is AMY GRADZEWICZ. She says, “My name is AMY GRADZEWICZ, but telling you who I am would take way more time.” What do you do next?

Liane Behrens
“Rock On!”

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