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November 2013 Geek About Town


Hi everyone!

GeekGirlCon ‘13 has come to a close, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any geeky events around! Celebrate GeekGirlCon’s third year by attending these fabulous events!

Friday, November 1
Seattle and Eastside Nerds Collide!: Unnatural Redhead Productions Presents Boobs and the Bard: A Shakespeare Burlesque!

  • From the Meetup Page: “Unnatural Redhead Productions is proud to bring ‘Boobs and the Bard: A Shakespeare Burlesque!’ to Seattle this November. Whether you are a life-long Shakespeare devotee or have only resentfully read what was assigned to you in school, this show will delight and entertain. Genderbending and crossdressing! Clever wordplay! Comedy and tragedy! Oddly frequent occurrences of twins! The best stage direction of all time! Boobs and the Bard explores all the things so beloved about Shakespeare, but with more near-nudity and in a venue where you can have the finest ales and foodstuffs brought directly to your table.”


Friday, November 1 and Sunday, November 3
Seattle and Eastside Nerds Collide!: RPG at its best – Sports Support Team! Huskies Concessions – LLS Fundraiser

  • From the Meetup Page: “Be part of the TEAM! Are you better with numbers than with equipment? Do you long to be part of the action but just aren’t coordinated? Play the role of LifeSaver extraordinaire! Provide concessions for the hungry hoards and raise funds for local cancer patients and their families. Join your friends and have fun making a difference for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society while volunteering in a concession stand at the University of Washington Volleyball match on Friday, November 1st. We will run the concession stand and a portion of the proceeds from the stand goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Free food and beverage while working and if time permits you will be able to catch parts of the match.”


Friday, November 1
Seattle Browncoats: Geek Bingo at Wayward Coffee

  • Coffee and geek bingo.


Saturday, November 2
Jet City Comic Book Show

  • From the event page: “A back to basics comic show! A celebration of art, comics, gaming, pop culture, & so much more!”


Saturday, November 2
Seattle Cosplayers: Jet City Comic Book Show

  • Meetup for cosplayers in the Seattle area.


Sunday, November 3
Seattle Games Cooperative: Game Design Workshop

  • From the Meetup Page: “Want to make games but not sure you have enough time? Lack the programming chops to turn your ideas into reality? Or perhaps you’d just like to practice designing games? Join us for an afternoon of good old-fashioned game making! We’ll be using pen, paper, and various other odds and ends to design games from scratch.


Sunday, November 3
Short Stories Live: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at Town Hall Seattle

  • From the event page: “This tribute to the wide-ranging career of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle features readings of two of his pure horror stories (“The Case of Lady Sannox” and “The Brazilian Cat”), along with one of his mysteries that really is a mystery: we’re not even going to name it. But after it’s read—by one of Seattle’s favorite professional actors—director Kurt Beattie will hold a contest to see whether anyone can identify it, and then he’ll award an appropriate prize! Here’s a clue: it’s about a man named Holmes.”


Monday, November 4
Open Mic Science: The ecology, bioacoustics and natural history of whales and dolphins.


Tuesday, November 5
Rebecca Eaton of ‘Masterpiece’: Insider Secrets from ‘Downton Abbey,’ ‘Sherlock,’ & More at Town Hall Seattle

  • From Event Page: “For more than 25 years, Rebecca Eaton has served as executive producer of PBS’s Masterpiece Theatre, the longest-running weekly prime-time drama series in American history—so she has seen a lot. With unprecedented insider access to the people and stories behind all the huge hits at PBS—including Downton Abbey, Prime Suspect, and Mystery!— Eaton, author of Making Masterpiece, shares interviews with writers, directors, and producers, along with her own candid photos and personal anecdotes about her career. In addition to revealing behind-the-scenes insight, Eaton shares tidbits on Alistair Cooke, Maggie Smith, Diana Rigg, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Daniel Radcliffe (whose first TV role was as the title character in David Copperfield).”


Tuesday, November 5
Queen Anne Science Cafe: Complexities & Controversy in Genome Sequencing

  • From Pacific Science Center: “Taken without consent in 1951 from a patient named Henrietta Lacks, the cells now known as HeLa are the oldest and most widely used human cell line in scientific research. At the November Queen Anne Science Café, join UW’s Jay Shendure, M.D., Ph.D., to explore his team’s efforts to decipher the HeLa genome amidst controversy regarding issues of patient consent and the privacy of genetic information.”


Thursday, November 7
Anna Holmes & Lindy West ‘The Book of Jezebel’ at Town Hall Seattle
Lindy West appeared on the GeekGirlCon ‘13 panel, “Laugh Riot.”

  • From the Event Page: “Within months of Jezebel.com’s 2007 debut, fans of the cutting-edge website for women dubbed themselves ‘Jezzies’ and organized meet-ups all over the world. By 2008, Jezzies’ devotion warranted a New York Times feature story, and parody blogs and copycat websites popped up everywhere. Now, with contributions from the writers and creative types who give the site its distinctive tone and influence, The Book of Jezebel offers an encyclopedia of everything important to the modern woman. Editor Anna Holmes and Seattle writer Lindy West (formerly of The Stranger and lately famous for a debate over rape jokes—and the unbelievable response to it) pore over pop culture, feminism, fashion, and sex from A (Abzug, Bella) to Z (zits!).”


Thursday, November 7
Simon Singh ‘The Simpsons & Their Mathematical Secrets’ at Town Hall Seattle

  • From the Event Page: “Homer’s exasperated “D’oh!” might most popularly define The Simpsons, but Simon Singh says the show is anything but simple: It contains so many mathematical references, they could form the basis of an entire university course. Offering deep insights into the celebrated TV series, Singh, author of the bestseller Big Bang and the new The Simpsons & Their Mathematical Secrets, reveals how the show’s writers (all of whom have advanced science degrees) slip in morsels of number theory and mathematical concepts, from pi and the paradox of infinity to the origin of numbers and the most profound problems that haunt today’s mathematicians.”


Thursday, November 7 – Sunday, November 10

  • From GeekWire Event Page: “For the sixth stellar year, BurlyCon is back for 2013! Attendees glowed about last year’s amazing schedule of offerings and round-the-clock fun. With over 100 classes taught by over 30 instructors, BurlyCon is the place to amp up your game! BurlyCon is an annual Burlesque Educational convention that provides educational offerings, professional growth and in-person social networking for the Burlesque Community. Our aim is to further the development and historical knowledge of this rare American art form that is experiencing a popular resurgence worldwide.”


Thursday, November 7 and Thursday, November 14
Ballard Board Games

  • From the Meetup Page: “Thursdays in Ballard equals a night of party games and merriment. Join us at Ballard Coffee Works. Bring your favorite games or choose from the host’s selections. First timer? Don’t be shy, we are as friendly as they come.”


Thursday, November 7, Thursday, November 14, and Thursday, November 21
Seattle Browncoats: Creative Geeks Society

  • From the Meetup Page: “We have an open-to-all crafters night on Thursday evenings ‘cuz you know geeks knit/crochet/spin/quilt on Thursdays, too!”


Thursday, November 7 and Thursday, November 14
Story Games Seattle: Thursday Gaming @ Phoenix

  • From the Meetup Page: “New venue! We’ve moved Thursdays to Phoenix Comics & Games. Which also means we’re back to all-ages. Come join us for Thursday night story gaming! Everybody’s welcome. Never come to our meetups before? Never tried story games or for that matter any roleplaying games? No worries! RSVP so we know you’re coming and you’ll get to play.”


Friday, November 8
GeekGirlCon: Board Game Night At Wayward Coffee

  • From the Meetup Page: “Want to explore the board/card game hobby? Want to meet people happy to teach you board games? This is your group! It is a very casual newbie-friendly group! We play a wide range of modern board and card games as well as some classics. You could find Ticket to Ride, Flash Point, Pandemic, The Resistance, Dominion, Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, and many more. Join the GeekGirlCon staff and friends and play some games! Want to each a game? Bring along some games and show others how to play!


Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9
KRAMimprov: Krav’s BINGOmatic Improv Machine

  • From the event invite: “KRAM’s BINGOmatic Improv Machine returns for two shows November 8 & 9 at Ballard Senior Center. The show takes 16 short improv scenes and puts them against the backdrop of a twisted bingo game. The audience controls the order of the show and prizes are won by a lucky few. Each show is a completely fresh non-stop evening of improvisational scene- and game-based comedy, driven by the suggestions of our all-powerful audience.”


Friday, November 8
Seattle Sci-Fi Cinema: The Last Man on Earth

  • Wayward Coffee’s screening of The Last Man on Earth


Saturday, November 9
Seattle Astronomical Society: Star Parties at Green Lake and Paramount Park


Saturday, November 9 and Saturday, November 22
Seattle Shakespeare (Etc!) Readthrough Group: Read A Shakespeare Play (Location TBD)

  • Shakespeare readings. Location TBD.


Sunday, November 10 and Sunday, November 24
Seattle Browncoats: Every 2nd and 4th Dominoes and Such

  • From the Meetup Page: “What are we doing? Dominoes (or other games depending on the mood), chatting about anything sci-fi related, drinking (caffeinated or unleaded) and general silliness. We start around 10:30 AM or so and play until whenever (usually 2:00 PM), feel free to come early or late; punctuality isn’t important.”


Wednesday, November 13
Eastside Gamers: Eastside Gaming

  • From the Meetup Page: “Story gaming has expanded to the Eastside! Everybody’s welcome. Never come to a meetup before? Never tried story games, or for that matter any roleplaying games? RSVP and you’ll get to play.”


Wednesday, November 13
Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half Reading and Book-Signing

  • From the Event Page: “Using a blog, MS Paint, and a penchant for telling poignant, funny, and self-deprecating stories, Allie Brosh has won over a huge, faithful audience. This book collects some of her most popular posts with new material to create a unique graphic memoir filled with humor, pathos, and doggies.”


Thursday, November 14
ScienceOnlineSeattle: #16:: Engaging the Invisible Americans: Science communication for Spanish-speaking audiences

  • See Meetup page for more information.


Tuesday, November 19
Redmond Sci-Fi Fantasy Book Club: November Meetup

  • Discussion of Anansi Boys.


GGC & Central Cinema Present Scott Pilgrim vs The WorldWednesday, November 20
GeekGirlCon and Central Cinema Presents: Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

  • “Based on the graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley, the film combines the worlds of video games and comic books with plenty of ka-pow. Watch wannabe-rockstar Scott Pilgrim on his quest to defeat not just one, but seven evil ex-boyfriends of his crush, Ramona Flowers. As if that task wasn’t tough enough, roadblocks along the way include bitter bandmates, a bloodthirsty old flame, and maybe even his own past mistakes. He’s going to need all the 1-ups he can get. Geeky greats Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Jason Schwartzman deliver knock-out performances worthy of the original book series.”


Wednesday, November 20
Ignite Seattle! at Town Hall Seattle

  • From Event Page: “After a wildly successful debut season at Town Hall, the popular public-speaking series returns with its simple goal: ‘Enlighten us, but make it quick.’ Since 2006, Ignite communities have thrived in Portland, Sydney, Boulder, Baltimore, NYC, and elsewhere. Presenters are asked: If you had five minutes on stage, what would you say? What if you got only 20 slides, and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Touching briefly on a variety of topics, from the DIY community to parent-educator relationships, and presented by anyone and everyone, Ignite events are all-ages, fast-paced, sometimes-unpredictable, and always thought-provoking. A Science Challenge networking event open to all precedes the talks”


Thursday, November 21
Seattle Browncoats: GeekBingo @ Raygun Lounge

  • From the Meetup Page: “What is GeekBingo, you ask? Well, it’s just like regular bingo, except we kicked it up a notch with geeky words instead of plain old numbers! Bingo cards are $1 and proceeds raised are donated to local charities – so feel free to triple or quadruple your chances, it’s for a good cause! Plus, we have awesome prizes donated by Dreamstrand Comics, Otherworlds, Wayward Coffeehouse, as well as some of our own shiny bits and bobs.”


What are you excited for in November? Let us know in our comments!

Do you have a geeky event to plug? Email Shubz Blalack. We are happy to feature events outside of the Seattle Metro area!

Please Note: GeekGirlCon reserves the right to approve or deny any event submissions. All submissions must be in alignment with GeekGirlCon’s Mission Statement.

“Rock On!”

Night Before GeekGirlCon ‘13

by GeekGirlCon Copy Writer Sarah “SG-1” Grant

I had my night all planned out, in the way I plan almost everything: make a list of things to do, and assume it will all work out. First: the GeekGirlCon ‘13 Kickoff Event, co-hosted by GeekGirlCon and the Seattle Browncoats Charities at the Taphouse Grill. Second: head down the street to Re-Bar to watch the Bechdel Test Burlesque, a nerdy burlesque show.

My night didn’t turn out quite the way I planned. Or rather, hadn’t.


She made the shot!

The Kickoff Event at the Taphouse Grill started at 6 p.m. I tend to be a little bit shy around groups of people I don’t know, so I was relieved to see my friend Andrea from the Seattle Browncoats among the early arrivals. More people showed up, and the room began to fill quickly. Some of my fellow GeekGirlCon staffers showed up, people ordered fantastic food from the Taphouse Grill kitchen, and things started rolling! There was a line at the bar, and friends new and old grouped up to play free pool at the tables.

A young woman from Portland introduced herself to me, and we instantly bonded because we share first names: Sarah. She and I chatted for a bit; I met some friends of hers, and then I took her over to meet Jen, another GeekGirlCon staffer. Jen introduced Sarah and me to yet another Sarah, which we decided could only be an excellent omen for the coming weekend. I also met a former GeekGirlCon copywriter, Adrienne, and I have a feeling she and I are going to be good friends.

My next step was the Bechdel Test Burlesque at Re-Bar for the 8 p.m. show. The only problem? It was sold out! I could have gotten a ticket for the 11 p.m. show, but let’s be honest: I would have fallen asleep waiting for the show to start. Also, I had to get up for GeekGirlCon ‘13 in the morning!

I packed it in and decided to drive over to Wayward Coffeehouse, where Molly Lewis and the Doubleclicks were performing as another part of the GeekGirlCon ‘13 Kickoff. I got there just after Molly Lewis started, playing her ukulele and singing her brand of quiet, sweet geek songs. I should have known: it was standing room only!

Standing room 1

From behind the counter at Wayward

coffee orders

The gajillion coffee orders are how you know this is in Seattle.

Standing room 2

That’s Molly Lewis with her head in the Independents flag (Firefly) way at the back of the room!

Even with the sold-out burlesque event and the packed, slightly sweaty coffeehouse, it was an amazing night filled with music, meeting new friends, and getting set for the amazing weekend that is GeekGirlCon ‘13.

Check us out here on the GeekGirlCon website, on Twitter (#GGC13), and on our Facebook page for live blogs, reactions, comments, and pictures from our photographers and friends. We wish you were here!

“Rock On!”

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