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Thank You For Giving Big

Because of your support, we were able to make $4,668 during GiveBIG!

As you know, GeekGirlCon is a volunteer-powered nonprofit organization that exists because of people like you who believe in our mission to celebrate and honor the legacies of under-represented groups in science, technology, comics, arts, literature, gameplay, and game design. We know the last few months have been unexpectedly difficult, and now more than ever we appreciate your dedication to helping GGC achieve its mission and expand its impact in ways we could have never imagined when we were first starting out ten years ago.

As always, thank you. Thank you for continually supporting and cheering us on. We couldn’t do any of this without the support of our community. You brighten our days and push us forward, and we will continue to curate a space where you are always welcome to pursue your passions, interests, and express your most delightful self. We all share the same goal: to make geek culture more inclusive and reflective of the world around us, brimming with diversity. 

Thank you for sharing your world with us. 

The GeekGirlCon Family

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Indigo Boock
“Rock On!”

Indigo Boock

Indigo is a freelance writer & narrative designer in the games industry. She is grossly obsessed with her cat, classic tropes in horror, and loves recreating food from Studio Ghibli films.

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