Thank You to Our GeekGirlCon ’18 Sponsors

GeekGirlCon owes its lifeblood to a nearly unquantifiable host of individuals and groups who dedicate themselves to bringing us all together once a year. From our year-round staff to our con-weekend Agents to our Featured Contributors to our attendees, the light and love coming from our support network is seemingly infinite.

That all being said, we also couldn’t do the thing—the hosting our big, lively family all together in one physical space for a weekend thing—without the help of our annual sponsors. Our sponsors put their faith in us, and we couldn’t be more grateful. So, without too much more fanfare, I’d like to take moment to thank some of the folks who’ve come through for us this year. After all, we’re all in this together.

First up, Amazon Games, who, like us, know the power of play.

[Image Description: Amazon Games logo.]

Next, Espionage Cosmetics, who believe that geeks deserve manicures and all the glitter.

[Image Description: Espionage Cosmetics logo.]

And of course, Seattle’s resident home for all things pop culture, MoPOP.

[Image Description: MoPOP logo.]

Also, Planned Parenthood, because of all of the things a person could geek out about, accessible health care is at the top of the list.

[Image Description: Planned Parenthood logo.]

We also thank Mox Boarding House, who is always there for us when we need to congregate.

[Image Description: Mox Boarding House logo.]

And finally, Cyan, Inc., who, among many other admirable things, brought us Myst.

[Image Description: Cyan, Inc. logo.]

With their help, we’re making GeekGirlCon ’18 the supermegafoxyawesomehot-est yet. Don’t forget to grab passes if you’re planning on joining us on October 27!

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