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The DIY Science Zone Needs Your Support!

One of the many aspects of GeekGirlCon that sets it apart from other conventions is its commitment to welcoming geeks of all ages. We don’t just tolerate our kid attendees, we design the weekend with their interests in mind. Whether that means keeping our 18+ programming scheduled in the evenings or setting up a kids-only cosplay contest, we’re serious about keeping our evolution reactive to the needs of even the littlest con-goers.

In terms of kids programming, the now-classic GeekGirlCon event we’re proudest of is our DIY Science Zone. This year will mark the Zone’s eighth iteration, with each con bringing bigger and better additions. Part of the reason we’re able to keeping growing and changing when it comes to this special-ist of events is because we’ve got a community that shares our values and knows that accessible science education needs funding.

And on that note, I’ll direct you to this year’s DIY Science Zone fundraiser landing page. To continue with the trend, we want to make this year’s Zone the coolest yet, which means we need funding to track down excellent guest hosts and educators and enough supplies for everyone (kids and grown-ups alike!) to play and learn for themselves. Whether you’ve got one or ten or a hundred dollars to spare, we need your help!

If you have questions about the Zone or the fundraiser, please direct them to diyscience@geekgirlcon.com. In the meantime, here are some adorable and perfect pictures of science-in-action from GeekGirlCons past.

[Image Description: A young kid in a blue dress and blonde wig works with paper and ribbon. A science educator sits across the table giving instructions.] Source: Danny Ngan

[Image Description: Four people stand looking down at a table. Three of them, all different ages, are wearing Rey costumes.] Source: Danny Ngan

[Image Description: A young kid is holding some sort of device. A parent looks over their shoulder. They’re both smiling.] Source: Danny Ngan

Here’s to six more years of DIY Science!


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