The Fifth Annual GeekGirlCon Costume Contest

I have to admit–this year’s costume contest was the first one I attended at GeekGirlCon. I usually have to commute in and out of the city to get to the con and by evening I’m exhausted thanks to all the other great panels, gaming, and other activities. For GeekGirlCon’s fifth anniversary, though, I sprung for a hotel room–and the chance to take part in the evening celebrations! Including, of course, the costume contest. Which, it turns out, is amazing.

Cosplay is a big part of GeekGirlCon and, from my first time attending, has always been one of my favorite parts. I love how welcoming and encouraging the environment at GeekGirlCon is; I see a much bigger variety of different ages, sizes, abilities, and fandoms represented in the cosplay world here than anywhere else. If I ever fulfill my dream of cosplaying the X-Men’s Rogue, complete with her skintight green and yellow original costume, GeekGirlCon is the place I’m going to do it.

Until then, though, I’m more than happy to revel in the cosplay work of other talented attendees, and this year I had a front row seat. I wanted to get our online community as involved in real-time as possible, so I stuck to taking photos with my phone and tweeting them, which unfortunately made for not the best photos. Luckily there were some better photographers in the audience than me, so as those get posted, I’ll add links to instagram, flickr, and other galleries to this post! In the meantime, here’s some of the tweets, photos, and videos I was able to capture.

From left, there’s Darth Makenna, Morgue Anne, and Shubzilla!  

This tiny Thor won the children’s division!

My two favorite sailor scouts, plus a tiny Luna.

I loved the creativity of this conglomeration.

This group was destined (get it?) to win the group division.

I would not want to be at the firey end of that weaspon.

Loved how in-character everyone stayed here.

Taric from League of Legends won the individual costume division, and Elsa was into it!

Here’s a small gallery of the other pictures I was able to get.

20151010_172748_HDR 20151010_175527_HDR 20151010_175452_HDR 20151010_175059_HDR 20151010_175045_HDR 20151010_175035_HDR 20151010_175025_HDR 20151010_175017_HDR 20151010_175008_HDR 20151010_175003_HDR 20151010_174952_HDR 20151010_174948_HDR 20151010_174944_HDR 20151010_174935_HDR 20151010_174928_HDR 20151010_173700_HDR

Did you attend the costume contest? Who were your favorites?


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