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The Game Floor Powers Up at GeekGirlCon 2019

Yes, yes we do!
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For those of you who love to play all kinds of games when attending a Con, I have some great news for you! This year the game floor at GeekGirlCon will be expanding! We will be featuring both video games and tabletop games on the third floor of the convention center.

Video Games

Kero doesn’t mess around when it comes to video games!
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Returning to the game floor this year is the ever popular Console Free Play, where you will be able to play current hits or classic favorites (for free!).

Also joining us on the game floor is the Microsoft Devices Outreach team. They will be offering some inside information on how the devices we use to enjoy our gaming experiences are made.

Let’s Play Stage

The Let’s Play Stage is back and bigger than ever, featuring live, interactive gaming content. Check it out for a full schedule of fun stuff, including Let’s Play Games with the Ladies of Blizzard, and an exclusive sneak peek of Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem!

Tabletop Floor

The tabletop floor offers something for any level of game player. If you feel more casual, feel free to check out a board game from our free to play library (shoutout to Mox Boarding House!). We have added “Looking for Players” cones for you to display on your table to let others know they may join you.

Okay, maybe not that one…
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We will be hosting six tabletop tournaments this year, including Late Night Nostalgia Mystery, Sushi Go!, and more. Gamers of all experience levels are invited to play, and tournaments will feature a game tutorial and a few practice rounds before the tournament begins.

There will be 20+ contributors bringing game demos for you to play. There is a lot to see, so if you need help finding a game to play or a group to play with, the staff at the Tabletop Info Booth is more than happy to help you out! They will also sign you up for tabletop tournaments, so be sure to stop by and say hi!

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