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The GeekGirlCon ’12 Survival Guide

Hey everyone! We’re all gearing up for another successful GeekGirlCon and have put together this list for you to make sure you’re ready to go, too!

Planning is key. Even for the convention veteran, a little bit of planning can go a long way to a better con experience.

What to wear, what to wear!

For those of you that aren’t going to be in cosplay (see below) this year, dressing in layers with comfortable shoes is best. GeekGirlCon ‘12 may be in the beginning of August, but our weather in the Pacific Northwest can and will fluctuate. Bring a light jacket or a sweater for those less than sunny days.


Cosplay is the practice of dressing up in a costume to resemble a character. It’s not unusual to see cosplayers running about at a convention, and GeekGirlCon ‘12 will be no different. Of course, we do want people to keep it family friendly and safe. If you’re thinking about joining the crowd and wearing a costume, remember it must be “street legal” and no thongs or g-strings. You may be asked to cover up if we receive complaints or if GeekGirlCon staff deem the cosplay is appropriate for all ages.

Cosplay Weapons

Some cosplayers have weapons like pistols, shotguns, daggers, swords, staves, and other accoutrements that are key elements of the characters they portray. If you are planning to cosplay with any weapons please read our Cosplay Weapons policy. If you are new to cosplay, look for the orange tip or the “peace bonding” on weapons. Peace bonding is a ziptie that identifies your weapon to staff and attendees as safe and approved.

Photo etiquette

Many folks appreciate a great costume. If you are one of those who love to look at others’ garb and take pictures, please be considerate and ask permission prior to taking their picture. This even applies to non-costumed folks that might be wearing “THE BEST T-SHIRT EVER” or socks, or hat, or whatever. Ask first.

Trying to see it all

Carefully look over the programming of both Saturday and Sunday and plot out what ideally you would like to see. Some decisions will have to be made, you may have to choose between two or even more panels that you really, really want to see. But if you don’t plan, you might miss everything all together. Make sure you also set some time aside to check out the vendors!


Everyone must exchange their ticket for a badge at the Registration Table. Even if you’ve pre-registered, you still need to get your badge.

We’re all friends here

Remember we’re all here because we love the same things. So be awesome to your fellow geek!


It sounds silly, but remember to eat and to drink plenty of water! Sometimes you can get a bit overwhelmed at a convention and forget the most basic standards of keeping yourself healthy and energized.


When you get a lot of people in one location, it can get a little crowded and create what a lot of us know as “Con Funk”. To avoid “Con Funk,” make sure you and all of your party members remember to shower and, equally important, don’t wear heavy colognes or perfumes. Last year someone wrote that GeekGirlCon ‘11 was the best smelling con ever! Let’s keep it that way. (And a bottle of hand sanitizer is a great accessory at cons these days.)


If you’re ever confused about a procedure, lost, or just need directions, you can flag down one of our helpful volunteers who will be clearly marked (as they will be wearing bright yellow shirts that say ‘Agent’ on the back) and they’ll point you in the right direction. We also have an information booth on the first floor and staff hustling around the Con that are more than happy to assist you.


We appreciate any and all feedback! Please send all praise and suggestions to info@geekgirlcon.com or complete the post-con survey. Watch out website for details.

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