The GGC19 Exhibitor Hall: A Sneak Peek

GeekGirlCon ’19 is in full swing, and we’ve packed so much into one weekend that it can be hard to see and do it all. BUT, if you’re a person who likes things of any kind, and you haven’t had the chance to pop up to the Exhibitor Hall on the fourth floor yet, you should absolutely check it out.

Not convinced? Here’s just a tiny look at everything you can see, do, & buy:

Sweet treats!

A person smiles while standing in the middle of their booth. They are wearing glasses, a gray shirt, and dark jeans. They’re surrounded by candies, sweets, and signs that say “Stargazer’s Gourmet.”


A person sits behind their booth with their hands held out to showcase the items around them. They are wearing glasses and a white, button-up shirt. They’re surrounded by different sticker sheets, and bunting above their head says “Stickers.”
A hand holds a business card that reads “Ragonia Art: Illustrated Goods by Ragon Dickard. @ragonia_” In the background is a booth covered with bright stickers and cards. Source: Indigo Boock.
A close-up of a booth featuring stickers with illustrations of Pokemon and other cartoon characters. Many of them are drawn as ice cream cones. Source: Indigo Boock.


A close-up of a booth featuring pins, stickers, and more with nature- and dragon-focused art. Source: Indigo Boock.

Cosplay repair!

A cosplayer stands in fantastic purple & gold armor and matching hoop skirt. Beside them, a cosplay repair person kneels while adjusting a panel on the hoop skirt. Behind them, a sign reads, “Cosplay Repair Station #cositbreaks @CosplayRepairStation @CosplayRepair.

Volunteering and community opportunities!

Two people sit together behind a yellow booth that says “GeekGirlCon.” They are smiling at the camera beside a sign that says, “Volunteer for GeekGirlCon.”
Two people sit together behind a booth that says “Girl Scouts of Western Washington” They are smiling at the camera beside a sign that’s designed to look like a Scrabble board that says “Girl Scouts” at the top.


One person grins, and one hams it up for the camera at a booth that says “Valentine Barker.” In front of them is an assortment of prints and other items.
A closeup of assorted 8-bit artworks, some in bottles, some in fishbowls, and some by themselves. In the background, a person smiles as she assembles a new piece.
Two people sit together behind a booth that says “KingCharon” They are grinning at the camera surrounded by assorted art, jewelry, and other items.

Soaps & Skincare!

A close-up of bright, colorful soaps and assorted bath oils in dark bottles.
A close-up of bright, colorful bath bombs and assorted perfumes and other items.


Two people sit together at a booth behind signs that say “Brass Horse Books” and “Jessie Kwak, Author.” They are surrounded by books.

Plus, jewelry, apparel, cosplay pieces, a photo booth, tabletop games, video games, food, and plenty more! Check it out and let us know what you loved, what you bought, and what you did.

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