The Only (Geeky) Gift Guide You’ll Need

Whether you’re looking for something to add to your own wishlist or to bring to what will definitely become the best white elephant ever, you’ll need something fantastic and geeky to make a splash. The staff at GeekGirlCon came together and curated this perfect list, with options ranging from a few bucks to a few hundred, so there’s something in every price range.

The perfect outfit for a night off in the Normandy.

The perfect outfit for a night off in the Normandy. [Image source.]

An N7 Armour Stripe Fleece Jumpsuit will keep you cozy whether you’re fighting Reapers or cuddling with the love interest of your choice. Like the onesies your great aunt used to give you each Christmas, but with a bit more of a hard edge.

BRB, buying myself this already. [Image source.]

BRB, buying myself this already. [Image source.]

Monstress by Marjorie Liu with art by Sana Takeda is a new comic series set in an alternate 1900s Asia. Maika, a young woman already dealing with the fact that she’s an outsider and an outcast, finds herself in the middle of an ancient battle between the otherworldly creatures that roam the world and the various human factions that want control over these elusive beasts–one of which Maika has a mysterious psychic connection to.

So, who's hosting game night? [Image source.]

61G+2UBn8fL._SX425_ So, who’s hosting game night? [Image source.]

Codenames and Mysterium are hot new board games that will both be the perfect additions to game nights. Codenames is a word game with a simple premise and tough gameplay: two teams led by rival spymasters have to work to see who can make contact with all of their agents first, helped only by one-word clues. For a more mysterious night, Mysterium’s the game for you; one player takes up the mantle of a ghost and the other players are the psychic investigators working to find out what happened to this poor lost soul.

Flip on the lights and go back in time. [Image source.]

Flip on the lights and go back in time. [Image source.]

Flipping switches is so 2015, and some homes are best set in steampunk-era, so deck out your light switches with a Toggle Switch Plate instead. Made with stained plywood and brass hardware, these lightswitch plates will instantly transform your study to a Victorian laboratory or your kitchen to an alchemical lab. There’s also an architectural Art Deco style, if that more suits your fancy.

This one's on my Christmas list (hint hint). [Image source.]

This one’s on my Christmas list (not that I’m hinting). [Image source.]

A Pemberley Pennant will class up the walls of any room, especially right next to your Jane Austen-dedicated bookshelf. It’ll fit in along any pennants you have from your college of choice, or feel free to fool your less literary friends and insist you attended Pemberley U, maybe for courses in Taking a Turn Around the Room or a lesson in piano, taught either by the actually talented Miss Georgiana Darcy or the slightly fumbling but certainly entertaining Miss Elizabeth Bennet.


This pen. Is made. FROM LAVA. [Image source.]

This pen. Is made. FROM LAVA. [Image source.]

And here’s a gift fit for Mr. Darcy — the Visconti Homo Sapiens fountain pen, made from hardened basaltic lava from the Mount Etna volcano in Italy. That’s right, this is a pen literally made from lava. It’s flameproof, if that matters, and is supposed to be both slightly warm to the touch and also hygroscopic, meaning it actually absorbs moisture from your hand. This is literally the most amazing pen you’ll ever see. I can’t believe this exists and now more than ever I wish I were rich.


Is it still nostalgia if you never want to go back? [Image source.]

Is it still nostalgia if you never want to go back? [Image source.]

SuperMutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki is a hilariously angsty look at a high school where, sure, mutants and witches study side-by-side, but the main issue isn’t magic but instead who’s going to the dance with who, what science project will win this year, and what to bring to the bake sale. The series has won two Ignatz Awards, which is the festival prize of the Small Press Expo, and is sweet, funny and sometimes painfully true. (Jillian Tamaki’s other books are also worth checking out!)

I'll take five. [Image source.]

I’ll take five. [Image source.]

Nerd Block is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s a curated subscription box with collectibles, toys, and gear from fandoms as diverse as Gremlins and Assassin’s Creed. There’s different themes you can switch between every month, so whether you want a month of horror, sci-fi, arcade games or comic books, you’ll always be satisfied.

Good night to me! I am very satisfied. [Image source.]

Good night to me! I am very satisfied. [Image source.]

And after all the festivities, this 6.5-foot-long Baymax Bed will hold you through the night. Or day. Or naptime! The outer liner is removable, so Baymax will stay clean and welcoming even after a night of midnight snacks.

Found any keepers here? Asking for something you think we’ll love? Let us know in the comments!

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