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Mission of GeekGirlCon

GeekGirlCon celebrates and honors the legacy of women contributing to science and technology; comics, arts, and literature; and game play and game design by connecting geeky women worldwide and creating community to foster continued growth of women in geek culture through events. GeekGirlCon values being a Welcoming Community, Empowerment, Diversity and Inclusion.

Job Summary

GeekGirlCon is seeking an energetic, collaborative, and passionate Twitch PM and Lead to oversee a team of Content and Technical Producers. The Twitch PM is the head of the Twitch team, and ensures the smooth operation of weekly streams, as well as larger streaming initiatives. The ideal candidate will demonstrate strong leadership, communication, and community engagement skills, possess proficiency in Twitch streaming platforms and analytics, exhibit creativity in content development, and strive to grow the GeekGirlCon Twitch channel and community.

Reports To

Director of Marketing

Positions Reporting to This One

Twitch Content Producer, Twitch Technical Producer


Team Leadership:

  • Lead a team of volunteer Content and Technical Producers, ensuring adherence to monthly milestones, deliverables, and checkpoints.
  • Schedule and conduct team meetings, including content discussions, retrospectives, and cross-department campaign syncs.

Communication and Representation:

  • Represent the Twitch team in monthly All-Hands meetings, providing updates on upcoming streams, projects, and other team-related matters.
  • Act as the primary liaison between the Twitch team and other departments within GeekGirlCon.

Recruitment and Training:

  • Recruit and onboard new Producers, ensuring they are trained and equipped to contribute effectively to the team.
  • Develop training materials and resources to facilitate the onboarding process.

Documentation and Planning:

  • Maintain Twitch Team calendars and documentation, ensuring that all team members are informed about upcoming streams, events, and tasks.
  • Develop and implement strategies to grow the Twitch team audience, including outreach initiatives and promotional campaigns.

Analytics and Growth:

  • Analyze stream metrics to assess performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Engage with the community to source guests for streams and foster a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

On-Air Presence and Content Development:

  • Be willing to appear on stream, moderate chat, and participate in other on-air activities as needed.
  • Brainstorm and pitch ideas for games, workshops, panels, community events, and other content for streams.

Collaboration and Partnership:

  • Partner with other GeekGirlCon departments on cross-team projects, such as early access events, at-con streaming, and promotional initiatives.
  • Work closely with the design team to refresh Twitch overlays and stream assets to align with the convention theme and maintain brand consistency.

Required Qualifications

  • Leadership Experience: Demonstrated experience in leading teams, preferably in a volunteer or nonprofit setting.
  • Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with team members, stakeholders, and community members.
  • Organizational Skills: Excellent organizational and time management skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and manage multiple projects simultaneously for both yourself as well as your team.
  • Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with Twitch streaming platforms, OBS Studio, and other relevant tools and technologies is preferred.
  • Community Engagement: A passion for community engagement and creating inclusive spaces, with a demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity and representation.
  • Creative Thinking: Strong creative and strategic thinking skills, with the ability to generate innovative ideas and develop engaging content for streams.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Ability to work effectively in a collaborative team environment, fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere.
  • Flexibility: Willingness to adapt to changing priorities and circumstances, with the ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
  • Knowledge of GeekGirlCon: Familiarity with the mission, values, and initiatives of GeekGirlCon, as well as an understanding of the gaming and geek culture community, is preferred.
  • Availability: Availability to commit to regular meetings and stream schedules, including evenings and weekends as needed.

What It Means to Volunteer as GeekGirlCon Staff

  • GeekGirlCon staff positions are all volunteer, non-paid positions.
  • Attendance remotely (or in-person, during non-pandemic times) for staff and departmental meetings is required.
  • Must maintain prompt and professional correspondence.
  • Most work is conducted over email and with in-person meetings in the Seattle area.
  • Between 5-10 hours per week of work is required for this role (including meetings, etc).
  • The staff is a team of highly dedicated, geeky, and passionate volunteers; it’s a lot of hard work, but an amazing experience with lots of opportunity to help build GeekGirlCon for the future!


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