Welcome to GeekGirlCon—No Geek Cred Required

Welcome to GeekGirlCon—the best place to show off your geeky side! Do you think that you  DON’T have the chops to be a geek or nerd? We don’t believe you. Today, geek and nerd culture is everywhere from comic shops to fashion runways. We are now generations in to a population raised on Star Wars and Star Trek, including the prequels, expanded universes, and next generations. The icons once reserved for the ostracized few are now embraced by the many.

And it’s a good thing, this growing recognition of geek icons. While some people choose to engage in “geek cred” and authenticity battles, like over who was into the fandom first  or to what length one will go to define themselves by their geekiness, competitiveness like that is something eschewed by GeekGirlCon. We are building community, and you are welcome here. Geek cred be damned.

GeekGirlCon is a non-profit, grassroots project whose mission is to promote, celebrate, educate, mentor, encourage, and empower female geeks of all persuasions and ages. We are scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. We are game designers and gamers. We are comic book writers and illustrators, members of the television and film industry, musicians, and writers. We are business owners, bloggers, scholars, and fan-fiction aficionados. We are crafters, fans, and cosplayers. We are women and our allies coming together to network, learn, and celebrate.

Geek Girls and nerdy women have always been around, and now we are becoming more and more vocal by finding ways to meet online or in person to embrace what we love. Share your enthusiasm with others and discover new fandoms and new friends. Connect with other women to learn how they got into various geeky professions and perhaps benefit from the networking opportunities. GeekGirlCon is a safe place to stand up and say “I code,” “I’m a gamer,” or “I love comics” because you will be supported by people with similar experiences and perspectives. This is what GeekGirlCon is about.

Our tastes in geekdom are varied, and there will be debates and a variety of opinions presented at the con. You may not agree with them all, but the discussion itself and the act of giving these points of view an active space is essential to developing a network of Geek Girls.

There are probably lot of girls and women that don’t believe they have the “cred” to come to this con, making it more important than ever for us to build a community supportive of women and girls with interests in geek culture. So maybe you have never taken physics, never heard of Fruits Baskets, never picked up a game controller, or never watched Firefly: if you self-identify as a geek you should come. You should have fun. You should learn new things and connect with new people.

This post settles it once and for all: NO GEEK CRED REQUIRED AT GEEKGIRLCON.

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  1. Jess says:

    Wow. Thank you for this post… I was on the fence about whether to attend GGC for fear of not being “geek enough”, and now I’m not worried about that. Thank you for taking such a welcoming approach. See you there! \m/

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