We’ll Tumblr For Ya– And We’ll Live-Tweet, Too

Written by Laurel McJannet, Social Media Manager

With so many panels to attend and games to play and exhibitors to see, there comes the painful realization that you can’t do it all.

We’d like to help lessen that pain. We’re going to live-blog and live-tweet some panels so you can follow along real-time or review at your leisure at the end of the day (when you visit our super cool Social Media Dashboard!)

Below is a list of panels we plan to cover during the con, along with Twitter handles and hashtags. Just search for the hashtag on Twitter or follow our Tumblr to check out our live blogging coverage.

Here’s to a great GeekGirlCon– live and live-tweeted!


GeekGirlCon 2016 Official Hashtags:

  • #GGC16
  • #DIYSciZone
  • #GGConnections
  • #GGC16Games
Panel Hashtag(s) @Twitter Handle
Finding Your Place in the Wizarding World #wizworld @GeekGirlCon/@mrsmcj
Reign Robotics: High School as a Female Nerd #reignrobotic @adrienne_edits
Inclusion & Evolution of Female role in Modern Animation #femaleroles GGC Tumblr / Emily
Journey Into the Gaming Industry #gamingjourney @indigoboock
Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling #GGCPandas @drjclau
Women of Pixar #pixarwomen @indigoboock
VR and the Future of Reality #virtualisreal @GeekGirlCon /@mrsmcj
Cosplay Contest #GGC16contest @indigoboock and @adrienne_edits
Geek Got Your Back #geekurback @TealChristensen
Super Duper Top Secret Special Event #superduper @drjclau
Sex Geek Mobilize #sexgeek @adrienne_edits
Queering the Apocalypse #QApocalypse GGC Tumblr/Emily
Wait… I Know That Voice #knowthatvoice @adrienne_edits
Como Se Dice “Nerd?” #ComeSeDiceNerd
The Woman of Nerdcore #nerdcore @adrienne_edits / @GeekGirlCon
Loving What You Want #lovewhatuwant TBD
Women in Games: Tales From the Front Line #womeningames, #sundaysamus1 @drjclau
Geeky Kids Making Your Mark #geekykids GGC Tumblr/Emily
Lightsaber in the Snow: The Force Inside All of Us #theforce @GeekGirlCon / @mrsmcj
History has its eyes on Hamilton #Hamilton @GeekGirlCon / @GermanCityGirl
Closing Ceremony #closingceremony #GGC16 @TealChristensen

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